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A Year and a Few

In my last post I only grazed the surface of us.  In the next few posts I'll go into more detail on some of our experiences.
Two years ago my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  She'd had Mild Cognitive Impairment for some time.  We'd hoped that's as far is it would go, but it was definitely progressing.

The next few months included a bit of grieving, reflecting and decisions.  My mom and dad were going through a lot of change and it was devastating to be so far away.  After much time praying, we decided we would take an early leave in November 2015 and go back to the States with the intent on making a conclusive decision.  I think, in our minds, we'd already made the decision to stay in the US.

In November 2015 we packed up our house in Horsham, England, put our things in storage, and took what we could on the plane with us to spend 6 months in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area where we could be closer to family.  Even our beloved Kate (our kitty), made the…

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