22 January 2008

Backyard Play

 I am definitely finding it harder to keep up with everything since we returned to the States.  We’re much more on the go than we were in Prague, but it’s all good!!  We are enjoying it!!
We went to Richmond, VA the 7th-14th of this month for a debriefing time.  It is such a great time to recap the last term, get to know new collegues as well as see old friends.  We had a great time, but we were ready to get “home.”
We’re in the process of finding a norm.  We’re getting there!
When the weather is nice (which hasn’t been much since we arrived in TX), we have enjoyed getting out in the backyard or walking around campus.

02 January 2008

Now in the US of A!

We made our way to Texas on December 10th.  Got up REALLY early in the morning middle of the night (3:30 am) to catch an early flight to Frankfurt and then an 11 hour flight to Dallas/Fort Worth.
The kids slept maybe 30 minutes the WHOLE trip, but they did great.  I kept saying, “It could have been worse.”  Because of the LONG travel day we had, I think it helped their little bodies adjust fairly quickly to a new time zone.  Not much night waking and when they did they went right back to sleep.
We’ve enjoyed seeing our family and friends, celebrating Christmas in Texas and eating LOTS of food we haven’t had in a long time!!!
We’ve had a chance to visit a church a couple of times.  We want to give it some prayer and go back a few more times to see if this may be a place we can get involved.
We took our first road trip this last Saturday to see Jerry’s grandaddy, who is 88 years old.  It was just under a 4 hour trip one way and we went there and back in one day!!  Karis has had a hard time adjusting to riding in the car as well as motion sickness, although since we have been here and riding in a vehicle that rides smoother and on straighter roads than Prague she has done ok.  I think she must have woke up with something because by the time we were on our way home she was running a fever (not to mention that she did get sick just 30 minutes into our trek).  Oh well, they all did great and not too much fussing in the car.  We had a great time with grandaddy and Jerry’s aunt Peggy!!
We leave for debriefing in Richmond, Virginia next week.  It should be a great time of wrapping up this past term, fellowship with other colleagues and some additional training.
After we get back Jerry will delve into his duties at the seminary.  Actually, I think it is going to be more fun than work! =)  He really just gets to sit around, drink coffee and talk about life overseas with students!!  Oh, it’s going to be so tough on him!!  He’s really looking forward to it.  He still has lots of responsibilities to his media team duties, but hopefully it will be lighter than it’s been this past year.
The past three weeks have been relaxing for Jerry, but I think he is ready to get back to work.
So, that about wraps it up for now.  I’ll be sure and keep you posted, although it probably won’t be as often as I’ve been doing.  We find we have the ability to go and do more than we did in Prague!  Nice!


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