28 June 2008

I'm a Superhero! Or maybe a bug!

So Jerry and I went in for a LASIK (eye surgery) consultation last Tuesday.  Little did we know that they would want to get us in and done that week, let alone the following day!!!  Consult Tuesday, lasik Wednesday early morning.  Less than 24 hours AFTER our consult!!  Crazy!!  We were a little misinformed as to how EASY this procedure would be.  It ended up not being so easy for Jerry, especially.  He was not a candidate for LASIK, but PRK, which is much more painful.  And at the moment he cannot see very well, therefore cannot read or drive!!
We both have appointments today to check our eyes.  Mine have been inflamed, so they have been checking me every couple of days.  Luckily no infection and I can still function (read, drive). Jerry will get a lens taken off of his eye that is acting as an eye band-aid.  Hopefully he will be much better once that is taken off.  When they do PRK they only do one eye at a time, so in a couple of weeks he will have to do this all over again.  Poor guy!!
The picture is of me in my funky goggles we have to wear whenever we shower or are outside.  Jerry said I look like a superhero!! =)  I wish I felt more like one instead of looking more like a bug!! Ha!

27 June 2008

RA Camp

We just got back from RA (Royal Ambassadors) Camp at Latham Springs Baptist Encampment just south of us.  We were all suppose to go from Tues-Thurs, but I had to go back to the dr on Wednesday.  My parents took Jerry on down on Tuesday to camp, then we went down Wednesday evening until Thursday.  We had a great time getting to know some of the boys.  We took Karis, Brennan & Reegan with us.  They seemed to have a great time and were exhausted those 2 days.  We did some swimming and a new thing for them was their first time fishing!!  The camp has a little lake that was loaded with perch and brim.  Karis caught 3 and Brennan & Reegan each caught one, with daddy’s help of course!  And you know the tradition of catching your first fish, right??  You HAVE to kiss it....YUCK!!!  I’m glad I wasn’t privy to that little tradition growing up, but all 3 kissed their first fish!!  And wouldn't you know, I didn't take a single picture.
Now we are back home and ready to rest for a few days after all the events of eye surgery and camp!!


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