24 July 2008

What a Summer

Just to give a quick rundown of our summer, we celebrated Jerry’s grandaddy’s birthday in June,

 spent 4th of July with our friends Aaron & Kim Vann (swimming at their house),

I love seeing these 2 guys, college roommates, with their kiddos!

Love Brennan's face!!

  a trip to the Crowley Water Pad with friends,

a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo,

 and meet some friends at Grapevine Mills Mall where we ate at Rainforest Cafe, did a Build-A-Bear for Karis and rode the merry-go-round!!

Karis' bear, Anna.

We’re recovering nicely from eye surgery.  Jerry still has to get his other eye done (they had to do PRK and only do one eye at a time).  That won’t be done until September since Jerry has lots of traveling going on in August.
We haven’t had too many speaking engagements since Jerry’s duties at the seminary keeps him busy.  But he’s got 2 different trips to Richmond to our main office for different meetings.  So that will keep the rest of us close to home.
We’re hoping to take a first family vacation (as a family of 5) in September to the Texas coast.  I’m looking forward to that!!  The kids have never been to the beach!!
So, that’s about it in the life of the Barnwells in the US.


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