21 August 2008

Guilty Party

This is what happens when mama isn’t paying attention to the littles!!!  Yes, Karis & Brennan decided to draw on the table instead of paper!!  So, they got a consequence AND had to help me clean it up.  They didn’t seem to mind the clean up!!  It was too cute, while Brennan was scrubbing he was saying “no, no!”  He knew he had done something wrong.

19 August 2008

Rain, Rain

 Daddy is away and Nana & Papa thought to give me a half break and take one of the kiddos for two nights.   Since I only had two kids I thought I would go to the store and get a few needed things (a little easier minus one).  Wouldn’t you know that as soon as we piled in the car the rain began to fall!!!  I already had Brennan & Reegan in their car seats and I knew they would get upset if I got them out.  They’re always standing at the door when we are about to go somewhere saying “I go!!” very loudly.  I knew I couldn’t change direction at that point!!!
I thought maybe the rain would let up by the time we got to the store...of course not!!!
So I decided to scrap the wonderful idea and head home.  The items could wait and I really didn’t want to juggle two kids, all our stuff and attempt an umbrella!!  What a circus sighting we would have been!
Once we got home they did not want to go inside.  They were fascinated watching the rain from our covered front porch and just too cute for me not to take pictures!!

18 August 2008

Isn't God Good?!

The Lord never ceases to amaze me how He gets my attention!!  I found myself in a bit of a funk last night.  I just felt like it was one of those times that He wanted me in that funk to bring me to His Word.
I’m in the middle of a study called “the Frazzled Female.”  I thought it would be very appropriate for this time in my life with 2 toddlers and a preschooler!!  Even though it is not specific to moms it has been just what I need.  Every time I open it up the scripture and the theme just blows me away as it always seems to be something I am struggling through.  Last night was no different.  I open up my study to read John 15 (The Vine & the Branches) and find the focus to be:

Loving others will become easier and more natural as I make sitting at the feet of Jesus a priority.

That is not to say that my funk had anything to do with not loving others, but I do struggle to find my place among some people(s).  Even so, that shouldn’t be my focus or I shouldn’t allow it to put me in a funk.  It’s about sitting at Jesus’ feet and making it a priority in my life.  I can’t say it is always a priority for me and could be another reason for that funk I was in.
It seems funny to be thankful for being in a funk, because it isn’t always fun.  But if it is a way that the Lord is going to draw me closer to Him and grow in Him, then I guess I am thankful.

16 August 2008

Gotta Love Skype

Daddy is on a trip at the moment.  This is a long one (10 days total).  He’s been busy the past few days, but we had a Saturday morning chat with daddy through Skype.  If you are not familiar with Skype...it is a great invention of being able to talk on your computer through the internet and you can do video chat as well.  The quality is incredible!!
So while I made muffins for Karis I put the computer where he could see Brennan & Reegan while they ate their cheerios (gotta love wireless too)!  It was pretty fun!!
The downside was hanging up with daddy and the crying that ensued.  Oh well, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

God said "No."

For some reason Karis gets into some deep discussions before bedtime.  Tonight we got to talking about having babies and about her growing in someone else’s tummy, but that God wanted us to be her mommy & daddy.   Then she started talking about her having babies.  She then holds up her hands and says “I want this many babies.” (holding up 10 fingers).  Then she asked me if I’d give her 10 babies.  I proceeded to tell her that I couldn’t give her babies, but she could pray to God and ask for that many babies.  We finished up our bedtime routine and she wanted me to leave so she could pray. =) 
A little while later she got up to go tee tee.  I got her all settled back in bed and she told me she prayed to God (about this many babies) “and he said ‘no!’”  I about lost it with laughter because she was SO serious.  Trying desperately to hold my hysterics I told her that God must think she is too little right now.  To which she replied “I not little, I a big girl.”  I assured her she WAS a big girl, but God probably thinks and knows she is just too little to have that many babies yet.
I think I was able to appease her for the time being.  Kids say the greatest things!!!  Ha!

14 August 2008

I'm Addicted

 I’ve become quite addicted to the internet world!!  Blogging (reading and writing), facebook, and Hannah’s Prayer (infertility and loss forum where I’m on the Board of Directors) are easy distractions for me!!  A quote that nicely sums it up from William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it.” (Act II, Scene IV). =)


This has been a good stateside!!  We still have LOTS to do and finish up before we head back, but I think we are all becoming more and more ready to return.  We’ve got 5 months to go.  Even Karis asks us on an almost daily basis when we are going back to Prague.
We were all saddened and stunned when we received word that a friend & colleague, Teri Tarleton had passed away from a pulmonary embolism at the end of July.  She’d been having some health problems and was soon to be getting checked out.  But the Lord had other plans.  We are sad for her families’ loss....for our loss.  But we know she is singing and rejoicing with our Heavenly Father!!!

In the last few weeks we have been hearing that change is in our future with our organization.  Jerry is,  at this very minute, with other media guys going over and hashing out a proposal.
Change is good and we think this could be a good one.  But change can also be a little sad too.  So much has changed since we left Prague.  We’ve had several colleague friends return home for various reasons.  They won’t be there when we return and we will miss them.  In this stateside time we have changed too, hopefully for the better.  Life and ministry never stays the same.  I guess that is what it is all about though.  The Lord wants us to grow in our walk with Him and the ministries that He allows us to be a part of.
As the development of these changes come about we will keep you informed to our future and whereabouts.

13 August 2008

I ♥ You, A Bushel & A Peck!

Do you know this song??  You can have a listen here.
I absolutely love this song, sung by Doris Day.  She is one of my absolute all time favorite actress’ and singers.  I love her movies!!!  They are always so fun, happy and upbeat.
Jerry tells stories before bed, but my thing is to sing.  I decided that this is MY song for my kids.  My dad had a song he sung to me every night.  Well, I wanted the same for my kinds and this is OUR song.
It completely describes the love I have for my kiddos, and now they even sing it with me!! =)


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