16 November 2008

Crazy, scary, fun week all wrapped up in one

November 16, 2008 0
I’m just glad I can say that I am on THIS side of the last several days!!  Saturday the 8th we headed to Houston for a speaking engagement.  Right before we headed out my parents told me that my dad had an abnormal EKG and that he would have a heart cath on Monday.  Of course I was worried, but knew that my dad was in the Lord’s hands.  We were even leaving the kids with them (and they would do a hand off with Jerry's parents) and heading out.  We spoke in Tomball, north of Houston and had a great time with them!! 
We had already arranged to stay in Houston for an event.  We knew several people attending and were excited to share in this time with them.
However, I got a call from my family on Monday evening saying that my dad had one artery completely blocked and 2 other arteries blocked at 95%.  They were admitting him into the hospital and he was scheduled for bypass on Wednesday.
My first thought was for us to stay and drive out Tuesday night right after the event, but the more I thought about it I just couldn’t do it.  I NEEDED to get back!!  Tuesday morning we headed back to Fort Worth. 
We spent a few hours at the hospital.  Took my mom for some dinner (at Blue Mesa.....yum!) and went back up to the hospital.  It just so happened that my older brother, Randy, was schedule to come in from South Europe that evening.  This had been planned for a few months.  Only God could work that out!!!  We had a good visit all together that night.  My dad had to wait a few extra hours on Wednesday.  He was the last surgery of the day and the other 2 surgeries before him went long, so more waiting. 
My mom could not have asked for more supports to rally around her!  I think we saw about 20-25 different people trickle in throughout the day.  Some stayed with us for about 10 hours, until my mom and I could go see him!!
He made it through the surgery just fine and found they had to do a quadruple bypass.  It’s always hard to see bypass patients right after surgery.  We went through this with my father-in-law and it can be so scary!  A friend of my parents from church was a nurse and had been through this with her husband just earlier this Spring.  Between her and I we tried our best to prepare my mom for what dad would look like.
He has had a few minor issues, but seems to be doing about as good as a bypass patient should be 4 days post surgery.  Hopefully he will get to go home tomorrow.

While all this was going on I had a baby shower to get ready for on Saturday at my house!  It was for my good friend and neighbor, Lauren. 
Thanks so much for prayers for my dad!!  My family is so grateful!

05 November 2008

"I Want a Hippo's Behind!"

November 05, 2008 0
That’s what Karis asked when I was doling out vitamins!  They can only have a half of these animal vitamins that we have and that is what she asked for.....the behind of a hippo!!  Ha!

It is always so fun when they are learning to talk!!  I am constantly laughing at the things Karis says and now even Brennan & Reegan.

Jerry is on a trip right now.  He usually has night duty with Karis.  He is a great story teller, makes up his own material!  Karis loves it!  Now she is becoming a story teller!  When he is away she will ask me to tell her a story.  I tell her that daddy tells stories and mama sings songs!  So then I turned the tide on her and had her tell me a story.  So she told me her rendition of the 3 Little Pigs.  She left a few details out, but she did great!!

03 November 2008

Fall Festival

November 03, 2008 0

We went to a local church Fall Festival on Friday and the kids, of course, had a blast!!  They LOVE bounce houses and had a great time in those as well as trunk or treat where they got much more candy then they are use to seeing!!!  It was a fun time!
We dressed them up in some Indian outfits sent to us by my niece.  They were a big hit!!


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