25 December 2008

24 December 2008

A visit from friends

December 24, 2008 0

One of the BEST parts about our job are the people that we meet from all over the world!!!  This lovely family is the Younkmans.  We met part of their family in 2006 at one of our annual meetings in Greece.  They came as volunteers to work with all the kids while the adults went to meetings.
Earlier this year we got to see them again as we were invited to their church in Highland, California for a conference.

THEN, last minute, we heard from them that they would be driving through Texas on their way to Arkansas for Christmas.  They dropped by for a break from driving.  We had a great time seeing them again and our kids LOVED playing with all of them!!

04 December 2008

CEE at the WMC

December 04, 2008 0
At Southwestern Seminary we are asked to host a night to talk about Europe for interested students.  We had some colleagues join us to share about Central & Eastern Europe.  We did this in the Spring semester and did not have a very good turnout, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  To our surprise we had a great turnout!
 We served borsh (Russian stew) and pizza.  I know, you are probably think either “What is that?” or “What a combo!”  I prepared the borsh that day, which consists of beets, cabbage, beef, potatoes, carrots, dill.  It is actually very good, especially served with a dollop of sour cream and some brown bread!  We served pizza, just in case there were those who weren’t interested in the borsh.  Both were about gone at the end of the evening.  We had just enough!
We had a great time presenting info on Europe and a Q&A time.
In other news, we have some major changes coming our way in the new year.  We are actually very excited about what the future holds.  Just not sure how it’s all going to look right now.

It is also official that Jerry will lead all Communication work within European for our organization.  You may be wondering what that means.  Anything that falls under the umbrella of communications (web, photography, videography, journalism, etc) will be maintained and strategy will be made by our Communications Team.  That’s the short version.  Ha!!
We would appreciate your prayers as there is still much to be decided, especially in these next few days and weeks.


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