04 January 2009

Christmas Break

We’ve had a nice time while Jerry was off for Christmas and New Years.  Christmas Day was spent with my family at my parent’s house. 
We spent some time relaxing, seeing some friends, meeting up with some new colleagues joining us in Prague, and I’ve been doing lots of internet shopping as we get ready to head back in a few months!
We had a non-eventful New Years.  Our idea of celebrating with 3 toddlers was to splurge on a nice, early dinner at Red Robin.  We all had fun and it works for us with small kiddos.  It also included a trip back to the restaurant for Jerry after the kids went to bed to find Karis’ BB (that’s bear blanket), that somehow fell out of the car while loading up to head home.  The miraculous thing....Jerry found BB laying in the parking lot unscathed from the event!!!  Wow, were we happy!!
The highlight of our break was to see a lifelong friend that I hadn’t seen in about 20 years!!  She babysat me when I was little and our families have been friends longer than I have been alive!!  

Melissa came down to Texas to visit her family for the holidays and we had the fortunate opportunity to spend part of the day with her on Saturday.  She loved on my kids and they loved on her too!  I hope and pray it is not 20 years before we see each other again!!

And now it’s time to get back to some kind of norm, which actually we haven’t had for over a year.  All that to say that the holidays are over and time to get back to the grind!!
We have a fun week planned.  I’ll be celebrating my #&th =) birthday this week and we talked the grandparents (Jerry’s parents) into keeping the kids for a couple of nights for Jerry & I to do some shopping for some things to take back to Prague.
We got some news on Karis’ paperwork and I’ll update in my next post.
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas break and blessings to all of you in the new year!!

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