28 February 2009

A New Meaning to Boxed Lunch

February 28, 2009 0

 Jerry is gone to a Photojournalism Conference all day today.  We’ve been home a lot with him away and I need to find creative ways of making time at home fun.  Which can be difficult, but I thought I would try a picnic lunch on the floor (it’s cold outside).
I’ve recently done a lot of online shopping to stock up on all kinds of things to take back to Prague.  The kids have been playing with the boxes all week!
When I suggested a picnic lunch on the floor while watching a movie, Karis pipped up “We can sit in the boxes to have our picnic!”  I immediately though “Why not?!  What better way to keep food off the floor than sitting in boxes!”
Within about 5 minutes, Brennan scrapped the idea and headed back to the table.

04 February 2009

"Here's Your Tea with a Frog!"

February 04, 2009 0
We had a fun time this morning with some friends from church.  We headed to their house for the morning and had lunch.  My kids always enjoy going over to other people’s houses and playing with all the toys their kids have.
Karis was playing “tea” and came around taking our order.  My new favorite drink from Starbucks has been a London Fog (earl grey tea, milk & vanilla) yum!!!  So I asked Karis for a London Fog.  She left the room and came back with my tea saying “Here mama!  Here’s your tea with a frog in it!”  I about fell on the floor laughing loud.  It was TOO funny!!  It made total sense to her!!!

02 February 2009

Catch Up!

February 02, 2009 0
Ok, so I am behind on this thing yet again.  I see it has now been a month since my last entry.  I am finding many other temptations to fill my time than blogging. 
One being facebook.  I absolutely heart facebook!!  I have now connected with almost 350 people who have crossed my path at some point in my lifetime.  All the way from my good friends at Grandview Baptist Church in Anchorage, AK when I was just a little thing.  All the way up to people I have met in recent months on this stateside assignment.
It can be so addicting to go check up on everyone, see their pictures, and find out what’s happening in their lives!!
If you are on facebook, please come find me!!  I’d love to keep up with you as well!!
The other thing that takes up so much of my time is the online ministry where I co-direct, Hannah’s Prayer.  If you have talked to me for long you will know that infertility made a huge impact on our lives and I have a passion and a burden to comfort those on this difficult journey.
And of course, there are 3 other little (ok, make that BIG) things that distract my attention from time to time and that is the 3 beautiful children that, in His perfect timing, God gave to Jerry & I.  All those things tend to take precedence over my blog.

I can’t say that we have much to report either.  We are just waiting until March 3.  This is suppose to be the magical day when we get Karis’ immigration paperwork.  Yeah, right!  I know the process well enough to know that it is no magical day!!  They’ll get to it when they get to it!!  But at least we can inquire about where they are in the processes on that day.  And I would find it an absolutely miracle from the Lord above if we actually heard BEFORE March 3.  I know He is the God of miracles and it COULD happen, but we will just wait and see.  Otherwise, we know He has a plan for all this, so we will wait on the Lord’s perfect timing, yet again!

But, we are ready to get to our home in Prague!  We’re on the home stretch!  It shouldn’t be long now!


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