28 February 2009

A New Meaning to Boxed Lunch

 Jerry is gone to a Photojournalism Conference all day today.  We’ve been home a lot with him away and I need to find creative ways of making time at home fun.  Which can be difficult, but I thought I would try a picnic lunch on the floor (it’s cold outside).
I’ve recently done a lot of online shopping to stock up on all kinds of things to take back to Prague.  The kids have been playing with the boxes all week!
When I suggested a picnic lunch on the floor while watching a movie, Karis pipped up “We can sit in the boxes to have our picnic!”  I immediately though “Why not?!  What better way to keep food off the floor than sitting in boxes!”
Within about 5 minutes, Brennan scrapped the idea and headed back to the table.

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