09 May 2009

Voice Key Incorrect

Can I just say that Karis is one smart cookie and she can sure crack me up!!
Now, I can’t say that Jerry & I speak Russian well, but every once in awhile when we think we can attempt a discussion around the kids in Russian, we go for it!  Especially when we don’t want them to know what we are talking about!!
I can’t even remember now what I was wanting to discuss with him, probably our Saturday plans and I decided to ask him in Russian.  We went back and forth a little with the kids kinda looking at us and saying their own funny things.
Karis then walks over to me and says what sounds like “Voiyskey incorrect.”  In my mind I was thinking that she was trying to sound like us and that it wasn’t a bad attempt at sounding like a Russian word.  Then she just kept saying it over and over.  Jerry finally clued me in that she was repeating a part from the movie “The Incredibles.”  The kids are out in the jungle waiting for their mom to return when this parrot starts talking and they say something to each other and the parrot says “Voice Key Incorrect.”  The next thing they know, the bad guys have them surrounded.
I just about busted a gut when I realized what she was saying!!  My girl is too funny!!

06 May 2009

Back in Europe!

It’s funny how you can come back to a place and it feels like you never left or weren’t gone long at all!!  There are differences though.  We’ve had colleagues that have left, babies that have been added to families, kids that have grown, changes around the city, like a new Hard Rock Cafe and 7 Starbucks (when we left there were none)!!  But lots that hasn’t changed as well.  Trams are still crowded (although more new ones that are easier to get on are being added), they still speak Czech (ha!), the dumpy tourist shops are still there and the beautiful streets of Prague or unchanged.

We hit the ground running!!  We had a great flight!! Jet-lag was minimal for all of us, I was amazed!!

The media team will be losing their office space.  So, in the next few months Jerry will be working from home.  We decided we needed to do some room changes for that to work out.  We decided to move all the kids into our big master bedroom.  They now have a nice big room to play & sleep!!

That freed up a room for Jerry to have an office.  We wanted to do all that changing around before really unpacking.
We also had to clean out and remove things since our apartment served as a guest apartment for 16 months.  There were lots of things left behind.
Five days after we returned my parents came for a visit.  They had already made travel plans to see my brother in Greece, so they came, along with a friend, for about 6 days.  We did as much unpacking as we could before they got here.  So they spent some time with us and touring the city.  The original plan was for them to fly back to Greece to get on a plane for the States, but their stop over was in Munich.  I decided they could skip going back to Greece and I could drive them to Munich.  It’s only about 4-5 hours drive.  So we did!!  I asked some friends to come along with me so I didn’t have to drive back to Prague by myself.  It was a fun trip.  The highlight was going to the Neuschwanstein Castle.

It's about 2 hours southwest of Munich.  It is also known as the Disney or Cinderella Castle.  We didn’t go inside, but we were happy to just stare up at it from the village below.
I just got back from Ohio for a board meeting & retreat of the online ministry, Hannah’s Prayer, that I am a part of and co-direct.

I look forward to meeting with the other board members as well as the retreat.  I’ve been able to meet some of the ladies that are coming and look forward to seeing them again as well as meet some that I’ve only “met” online.  It should be a great time of fellowship, fun & worship!!
Keep checking back for more updates!


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