18 June 2009

O Doggie, Where Art Thou?

 Brennan is absolutely attached to his little pal, Doggie.  Doggie was made for Brennan by Nana when he was about 10 months old (Karis & Reegan each got a bear).

We don’t go anywhere without him.
Although lately we have been able to....even forgotten him a few times at home & Brennan didn’t notice.  That is rare though and we make sure Brennan has Doggie and Reegan has BB (short for Bear Blanket, such original names, eh?).

Just to show you how attached he is, when we were in the States and went to our stateside debriefing in Richmond (in January 08), we somehow got out of the airport and to our bus without Doggie.  That was a very sad time!!  I even held up the bus that was taking us (and about 50 other people) to our Learning Center to have a ticket agent (a VERY understanding one) go through security to see if we had left him in the area we had lunch.  No Doggie!!
I didn’t go to the trouble of calling the airline to see if he was still on the plane.  I guess we thought they would think we were mad looking for such a thing.  I also knew that Nana had material at home to make another one.  Nana was very willing to whip one up and overnight him if need be. 
But, big sister stepped up to the plate!!  Karis had brought her BB as well as a Dora doll.  She was willing to put BB on loan to Brennan for the week.  What a great big sister!!  I was so proud of her!!  And Brennan was very happy!!  And waiting for us in Texas when we got back was a brand new Doggie!!  Nana decided that in time she would make a second (or actually third since we lost the first one), so that if we lost one he would have a back up!!
It was my intent to hide the spare (and I did for awhile until we needed to do a nose job on Doggie before we left for Prague...the stitching was coming undone).  Nana had taken Doggie for repair.  We were at their house and it was time to pick him up. She had put Doggie & BB in a plastic bag and we stuck it in our van and somehow on the way home, Brennan spotted the new Doggie.  So now, he knows he has 2 and there is no way I am taking one from him now!! Ha!  Our only rule is that he can’t leave the house with BOTH of them. One has to stay behind.

Oftentimes it is necessary for Doggie to get a bath.  I try my hardest to sneak him away for a quick wash while Brennan is busy.  It’s much harder to do that in Prague because the washing machine takes 3 times as long. Ha!

The picture above is when Brennan discovered that Doggie was missing and I told him Doggie was taking a bath.  I think he would have sat there waiting for him the whole time, had I let him. 

10 June 2009

Birthday Season

I just realized that I didn’t even blog about Karis’ birthday!  And it was definitely worth blogging about it!  Unfortunately, we didn’t ask anyone to take pictures at her birthday, so we have all of 2 photos!!  Poor girl!!  We were back in Prague only a few days before her birthday and although we pulled a party off, I was in such a daze those first few days!!
We ended up having over 40 people in our apartment!!!  I kept it simple with a Dora theme with cupcake toppers.  It was jammed packed & crazy fun and great to get such a welcome after being gone for over a year!

Then just shy of 2 months later, we had Brennan & Reegan’s birthday this last Saturday.  We kept that party a lot smaller.  We had a great time!  We had a Hello Kitty & Cars themed birthdays with cakes to match!!  I made Brennan an ice cream cake with green frosting (to look like a race track) with a road going through the middle & a white cake for Reegan in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head.  

I’m finally feeling more settled & back in the groove of life in Prague.  Now, we are just waiting for our crate to get here!!  It docked in Valencia, Spain this week & should be making it’s way across Western Europe now.  It will be like Christmas when we open that thing up!!!  Can’t wait!


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