30 October 2009

Potty training #3

Karis was a breeze to potty train and it happened right around the time she turned two. She was interested one day and just about the next was trained. She wanted to wear big girl panties, had one accident and after that only had smallish accidents. That was it!!
My twins have not been so easy. Their 3rd birthday came & went and still no interest! Now, I do have to add that we had a lot of change in that time with being in TX for so long and then moving back to Prague. I just didn't stress it and knew we would have time to work on it. My plan was to start in the summer, but summer just about came and went and still no interest. And life with 3 that are 4 & 3 is just a crazy, busy time and having to be really focused on potty training, well it just wasn't a huge priority.
But then, one day Brennan finally showed some interest. It took some accidents and training (hey, what kid doesn't...they aren't all like Karis, Ha!), but we got there. Reegan, on the other hand, showed no interest whatsoever! Their Nana has been helping me to get her to go these past few weeks while here. Putting her in panties and having her go every couple of hours (the girl doesn't drink much....working on that too). And I must say she is finally getting it. I say that when she had 2 accidents today! She just gets busy and doesn't want to stop to go! I think she takes after her mama! I was having accidents up until I was 8 or so. Yeah, not one of my prouder moments! Ha!
While out on our excursions the past couple of days, Reegan WANTED to go to the bathroom AND kept her pull-up dry! Slowly, but surely we are getting there. And then NO MORE DIAPERS! Yay!!

And to end this post. I just heard Brennan on the outside of the bathroom door, yell to daddy "That's a good boy {for going tee tee}." Oh that boy cracks me up constantly!!! Ha!

27 October 2009

A Day to Myself

Living in Europe without a car can be a very convenient & sometimes inconvenient thing. Grocery shopping without a car can be one of those inconvenient things. Especially when you are shopping for 5 people! My colleague, Jennie, was headed to the store in her car and made an offer to join her. So, I took her up on it and left the kids with daddy, nana & papa. We took our time and it was very enjoyable. I know some people don't enjoy it, but I absolutely love going grocery shopping. It's not quite as enjoyable in Prague as in America. In the US, you just can't beat the variety! I truly miss that! But as time goes on there is more and more available here. Anyway, over 2 hours in the store with a friend was kind of fun!
I got home, unloaded all my stuff into the elevator and was surprised to find an empty apartment. Jerry had taken the family out on the town. I've recently discovered my love for having the house to myself! Ha! It's fun to go out by myself, but it's also fun to stay HOME by myself! I had a quiet couple of hours at home before heading out again to get my haircut with a new stylist. We clicked and I really liked her and how she cut my hair!!

I decided to stop off at one of my favorite stores, Marks & Spencer after my cut. It's a funny combination of a clothing store with a grocery store section (it originates out of the UK) and they are getting a great selection of stuff. Items you can't find anywhere else. Even their own version of Cheetos. And they're not too bad!
I was quite surprised to arrive home again to an empty house!! But it wasn't long that they all came home and crashed. My kiddos had had a long day out and are now sleeping peacefully!

And to end the day...at our Bible Story/Prayer Time tonight with the kids, Reegan's prayer was "Thank you God for Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy, Karis, Brennan, and me and CANDY!" Silly girl! She knows the important things in life! Ha!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our day at the Prague Castle. Mostly from our stroll through the mote! I just love it! So green & plush, beautiful and peaceful!!

23 October 2009

Hard Drive Went Buh-Bye!

So, I killed the hard drive on my Mac. What a shame! It had done me well until I decided to download mass amounts of pictures from our pumpkin patch experience and then forgot to delete the RAW pictures, from our high-tech camera, off the computer. It's amazing what computers can do! So why can't they tell you when it is WAY TOO FULL and close to crashing?!
Luckily, ALL our music & movies had recently been switched elsewhere and all our photos are also on Jerry's computer or backed up. Whew!! Happy I didn't lose those!!
I did, however, lose all the info I had for our website/blog on our Mac account. It is on the web, of course, but I can no longer add or subtract from what is already there, so I must start a new. So, instead of risking losing it all again, I decided to switch my stuff to blogger. Not quite sure how J will feel about that. He's not a big blogger fan (shhh, don't tell).
It's kind of nice to start a new though. There is something about having a clean slate.
So, here is to a fresh start and a fresh new blog!


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