16 November 2009

This Thing Called Parenting

Yesterdays was one of those days where I wish I had stayed home! Well, except for church in the evening. We've gotten in the routine of having lazy Sunday mornings, I cook "dinner" for lunch and then take sandwiches for the kids to eat before our gathering, Bridge Community, in the evening. We don't go out to eat very often and I just didn't feel like cooking this particular Sunday afternoon. So, Jerry suggested I quickly get ready and we go eat at the kid's favorite spot, the Flora Mall food court! Woohoo!! Not mine or Jerry's favorite, but hey, it's close to home and the kids love it!
We were standing at the bus stop letting the kids play around while waiting. I asked them to stay a little closer. The street can get busy and people like to drive like maniacs through there. All of a sudden I hear this woman talking behind Jerry. I thought she might be on her phone, but when I looked more closely I realized she was looking at Brennan, then Reegan & Karis. I was only catching words (our Czech is not the greatest, but we can sometimes get the jist). She was talking pointedly and saying something about how they should be speaking Czech and not English. She was not vicious but I could tell it wasn't nice. She started at it again and as Jerry and I were trying to figure out what she was saying, AGAIN she started. I finally just grabbed the kids by the hand and walked down about 10 steps. I was not going to subject ourselves to her!

Lucky for her Luckily, she didn't follow us. If she had I probably would have, in Czech, said "No!" loudly. There's not much else I am capable of saying in Czech! In my spirit I had all kinds of things come to mind and I kept thinking "She's lucky I'm a good Christian girl!" I feel badly about how I let her rile me up in side. I wish I could say that I had a gentle and quiet spirit about the whole thing. What I am glad is that we did the best thing we could do. We walked away. I wish my first thought would have been "How can we share Jesus with her?" But it wasn't. I was only thinking about protecting my children. But, it gave me something to think about. That's for sure. I'm not usually quick in my responses or actions. I figure out those things much later than I wish. What can I say, I'm still a work in progress!

I got a card in the mail today from my sweet friend, Karon!! We are both moms to fun-loving adopted kids who are energetic, strong-willed & independent. We love them to pieces, but we also have some rough days!
We recently talked over some of those days with each other. And what a sweet friend to send me some encouragement!!
What you can't see & hear is that when you open the card, it says "You're a SURVIVOR!" and plays the song "I Will Survive." So great!! I love it!! I will be referring to this card on those difficult parenting days that I'm sure to have in the future.
She also sent me some yummy tea!! The Bigelow brand teas are my favorite! Thank you Karon!!


  1. i've got to read your blog more often! thanks for all the posts! love it! your kids are precious!
    When do you get your test results?

  2. Still waiting. I'll call Friday if I haven't heard.


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