30 December 2009

Sleep Training

December 30, 2009 2
I'm beginning to think "Why did we bother?!"  Ha!
Even before our kiddos came along I had already bought the Baby Wise books to begin my babies on an eat, wake, sleep cycle.
I knew so many people that had success with it and knew that we would use this method.
Karis was already on this schedule when she came to us from the orphanage.  So that was easy!
Obviously, Brennan & Reegan did not come trained, so we began the process. It took some time, but they were sleeping through the night around  3 months old.  We went on this cycle quite well until each of them turned 3 years old.
Then the night waking started.  Obviously it started with Karis when she was potty trained.  It seemed to go in cycles where it's for a few nights and then it stops.  She is now able to go to the bathroom by herself at night, but she does still come in our room from time to time for a bad dream or something else random.

It's been worse with Brennan.  The last few months we've had nights where he has come in up to FOUR TIMES during the night.  Argh!!  And unfortunately for me I am a light sleeper and have a hard time going back to sleep some nights.
After the third time last night I began thinking "Why did I spend all that time sleep training when I get woken up 3-4 times a night??"  And why don't they wake up their daddy, just me?!

The other day I finally asked Brennan why he didn't wake up daddy and he looked at me and said "Daddy is mean at night!"  Ha!  And it's true.  Jerry is a BEAR when it comes to being woken up in the middle of the night.  Talk about a crank!!  =P

Now I do have to say that they are alright with going to sleep.  Oh, except when they can't fall asleep right away and get out of their bed about 50 times (slight exaggeration there =P) or I find several boogers by the night light smeared on the wall, like I did a couple of days ago!!!  Double Argh!!

Like Karis, I hope we'll be passed this soon.   Of course by then it means we'll be on to something else or Reegan will take her position in the night waking spot.  Two down, one to go!!

22 December 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot

December 22, 2009 1
We had a lot of fun with our Christmas photo shoots this year.  First we went out on the town with some friends and took some family shots.

I also wanted to get some shots of us at home.  I was VERY pleased with how they turned out!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!

21 December 2009

Christmas Carp

December 21, 2009 3
A Czech ad for Vodafone, a cellular company in Europe.
Czechs eat carp, a fish, for their Christmas meal.  In the "olden days" when turkey and ham were too expensive, the peasants started eating carp and now it is a national tradition.  Czech friends of mine have told me they don't even like carp! But, it's tradition.
You will see big buckets of live carp all over the city.  To keep it fresh, Czechs will buy it live and keep it in their bathtubs until the big day.

10 December 2009

I Just Knew...

December 10, 2009 1
I KNEW it was only a matter of time before we would be hit with this season's sickies!
It was the strangest thing last night. We were getting ready for bed and Brennan let out the biggest sneeze I've ever seen (from him anyway). You know, those kind that leave you dazed and hurts your throat?! Ha!
As he went to bed he kept complaining and I could tell it was genuine. My kids LOVE medicine, so they really have to prove to me they are sick before I just start handing it out!
Then it all began! I just happened to take a Simply Sleep and went to bed early. I did not get enough sleep the night before and wanted a little help to STAY asleep. At 2 am Brennan came in our room. I have no idea why, I was very much asleep. The next thing I know, Jerry is running to the bathroom with Brennan. Poor guy "got sick" (I say that because I absolutely hate the word vomit or throw up! Crazy, I know) about 3 times before his tummy calmed down. He & Jerry laid on the couch for awhile then told Jerry he was so tired he wanted to go back to his bed. About 2 hours later Reegan cried out that she didn't feel well and she was feverish. I got her some medicine, she cried out again that her tummy hurt. I sat with her and it wasn't long before she got sick too.
What a night!! Luckily she only "got sick" once and fell back to sleep fairly quickly. It was crazy because she woke up that morning like nothing happened!
They acted ok the rest of the day, just a little feverish and sluggish but no more getting sick.
They had another night of low grade fever and seem to be sluggish a second day, but I think we are past the worst. I'm glad it was over quick! Still wishin', hopin' and prayin' that Karis doesn't get it!
All the while I am preparing for my tea party tonight! I can't wait to share more about it!! There are about 11-13 people coming and have plans for good food, tea, and games with some prizes! It should be fun!! We are also doing a tea cup exchange. I don't have enough teacups for that many. This is my 3rd time to do a tea party with the exchange. In the past we have always done the ever popular exchange game, but I decided to do something different this time. We'll see how it goes! I can't wait!!

06 December 2009

Missing Christmas in America

December 06, 2009 1
After spending 2 Christmas' in America, I am missing it somewhat this year.
I know that Christmas is highly commercialized in America, but what I miss are all the events, the church Christmas specials, the Christmas parties and, not to mention, time with the family!
We made some fun memories with the kids last Christmas eve. We started a tradition of giving the kids new pjs for Christmas. We open them up on Christmas eve and wear them that night. After we did that we piled in the van (in our new pjs of course!), covered them up with some new blankets they got and went and looked at Christmas lights. The kids STILL talk about it!

Now don't get me wrong, Christmas in Prague is beautiful!! There is no shortage of Christmas trees. They place one on EVERY known square in the city. We even have one on our dinky little square that we live on. And downtown is gorgeous with mass amounts of lights and Christmas markets displayed on the major squares!! It is definitely something to see and enjoy!!
And we are celebrating in some fun ways this month. I am hosting a tea at my house for all our colleagues (ladies) and I am so excited about it! We are going to do a fun tea cup exchange game, then drink out of the tea cup we got and eat lots of yummy goodies!
Then we've got a Christmas Movie Party to attend on Saturday and then a Christmas Cookie Exchange with our Bridge Community family on the following Saturday. So, we've got some fun things planned!

Then I find myself thinking about where we will be one year from now. Our kids will be older and there is the possibility of us being in a new location by then (more to come on that later). This has been one crazy year with trying to get Karis' American passport to return to Prague, coming back to Prague after 16 months in Texas, readjusting to life here, major changes in the IMB structure that is and will continue to take months to be in place, lots of colleagues moving and relocating because of said restructure AND anticipating a move!!
What's interesting is that this 2010 is probably going to be just as crazy as 2009!!

Luckily, I'm not the type to stress about it. We'll just take one day, one month, one year at a time to see how and what God is going to do in our lives. He's taken us on this incredible journey to do and be for Him!!

We set out on a journey yesterday (and today) to take some fun Christmas photos!! I'll give you a sneak peak. I can't wait to share the rest of them with you!!


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