17 December 2009

angel girl gone bad

My normally angelic daughter, Reegan,
has turned naughty!! It all started in the last week. Jerry has been away for 5 days so I chalked it up to him being gone (he came home late last night). Maybe that is still the case, but today within a 20 minute period of me running out to get some fruit she went on a rampage!! She normally doesn't leave her room during quiet time!! She didn't even know I was going out for a few minutes (hmmm....could that have anything to do with it?)

Jerry was in his home office working and never heard a thing! She snuck out of her room, dumped out some freshener for the cat liter into our shoes and the cat's food, dumped out the last 1/3 of a 16 ounce bottle of vanilla (THAT I BROUGHT FROM AMERICA) got into some powdered sugar, dumped out some baby shampoo and baby bath soap, dumped out 2 bottles of plax mouth wash and opened my computer and decided to do some typing (even sent a blank empty email to someone).
Sure, she's done some little things here and there, but NOTHING to this magnitude!!
I was (still am!) stunned, shocked and was even very sad. It's like I didn't even know who this little person was!! Not to mention where my mind went to think if she had drank any of those things!!!

I hope this is only a very short lived phase, because THIS was a doozy! Oh my!


  1. Oh come on... Look at that angelic little fact. Surely she is not capable of that! ;)

    It would be nice to say, "don't worry, they all do it"... but even Shannae has never done anything like that!

  2. Whoops, meant "face". Not "fact".

  3. Goodness . . . don't know what to say . . . my first reaction is, "Is she acting out some emotion that she can't talk about yet?" Next thought, "maybe she was testing Daddy now that he's back . . . or wanting his attention?"
    Also wondering what was your reaction . . .
    I'd say you're a wonderfully controlled parent for not losing it! : )

  4. I STILL look at that little angelic face and can't believe she did it! =)

    D'Anna, we did spank her and she had money taken away to repay the lost goods.
    We're thinking it was a reaction to Jerry being away. I told him he can't travel ANY MORE!!! =P Yeah right!


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