28 June 2010

Madrid Zoo & Aquarium

Saturday we took a little break from apartment hunting to go to the zoo with our friends Gary, Julie & their son, Matthew.  I'd been wanting to take the kids since before we got to Madrid after looking it up online.

Gary & Julie invited us to go and we gladly accepted!  We went ahead and purchased annual passes.  We know it will be something we will do often.  Plus there is so much to see and do from dolphin shows to bird shows plus an aquarium.  It will keep us busy this next year!
Julie met us at the metro stop to take us to the zoo, because this is how you get to the zoo.

No signs, no major path.  Just trees and dirt paths to the zoo, in the middle of Madrid, a city of 6 million people!  We even had locals stop and ask us on our way home if the zoo was in this direction.  Cracked us up!
Our first stop was to get our annual passes.

Then we headed to the dolphin show.


I just LOVE dolphins!!  So much so that I get teary eyed watching them and would love nothing more than to hop in the water and play with them myself!  One of these days I'd love to swim with dolphins! 
We looked around at a few more of our favorites,

then headed to a bird show.  I would have rather gone to see the seals, but Karis really wanted to see the birds.  Which ended up being a great show as well.  There were all kinds of birds that would swoop down over the audience to various locations around the arena doing tricks, catching food in their mouths or talons.
I don't think we saw half the zoo and we were exhausted! It was a great day!

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  1. looks like a fun place! glad you had a good time. Hope your family has a smooth transition there.


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