Silly Band Craze in Spain

I don't think silly bands were big yet by the time we left the US in April 2008.  My guys were so little they wouldn't have been into it anyway.

I seem to remember seeing pictures some time ago of store aisles full of various silly bands!!

Well, the craze has hit Spain!  We haven't seen an aisle full, but I've seen quite a variety!

 My kids didn't know what they were until some older girls in our apartment complex started giving them some of their bands.  And now, my kids have purchased their own with their allowance and are doing all kinds of silly band trading!

Now, let me go back a few years!  My mother-in-law is the queen of stocking stuffers!  It's one of the things I look forward to (no pressure, Patsy!  Ha!)!  She can get pretty creative!
Several years ago she gave us a box full of animal shaped rubber bands!

I'm sure we'll be purchasing many more of these and they will probably find them in their stocking at Christmas!!


  1. Yep - they are big here too. Have been for about a year or so I guess.

  2. They're so popular. Even some of the kids in our youth group are wearing them :) So funny!

  3. So funny that kids love these. Whoever marketed them is a genius!


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