14 June 2011

The Party of 5

It's been over a week ago since our two, 5 year old's party, but thought I'd get these pictures up knowing the grandparents will want to see them.

I have a lot of fun decorating cakes.  I do find myself getting lazy though.  You can tell by the base on the dalmatian cake.  It could have been smoother.  The good thing is, my kids could care less about those little imperfections.
Blowing out the candles.
 They each had the happy birthday song sung to them individually.

We had fun with our colleagues and friends!

I'll be getting back soon to tell a little about our beach vacation.  Not much to share seeing as we spent most of our time at the beach!  Oh how I miss that place already!


  1. Wow, so many posts to comment on! Okay, 1.) you do not look almost 40! You aren't a day over 29 right? 2.) Those cakes are so cute! I am impressed that you made them and decorated them yourself, with 3 littles to look after! 3.) Love the new blog name. Give your friend a high 5. :P 4.) Your kids are gorgeous, and I am so happy that you shared their party pics.

  2. well done...good job on those cakes :) thet look yummy too x

  3. I can't believe they're FIVE!

    And good job on the cakes! I, for one, think they look great!


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