16 June 2011

What a Vacation

Where to start!  We had such a great time!

We decided to take a return trip (from last summer) to the area of Benalmadena, Spain, which is located in southeast Spain on the Costa del Sol (Coast of Sun) in the region of Andalucia.  Lots of hills and sea!  It is such a gorgeous area!  We liked the apartment rental we stayed in last summer, but what I did not like, at all, was that you had to clean the place yourself when you left and if it wasn't up to par you got charged a hefty fee.  We cleaned it of course!

We considered staying there again, but I just did not want to clean at the end of my vacation!!  We knew we loved the area and the particular beach there, so I hit google with a specific search.  And I found a place!  I figured I would.  It is a very popular area for the British with many relocating or retiring there.  The place we found ended up being close to perfect.  We actually rented from a British family.  The downside, we didn't have a clear view of the sea.  Too many cactus and palm trees in the way!  Ha!  It was beautiful!  I'm really not complaining one bit, I just missed having a view just a tiny bit.  But, I didn't have to clean at the end of our stay!!  And the beach was just about a minutes drive away.  It was in walking distance, but we are talking some steep hills!

Welcome to Casa Don Juan

This cactus tree was outside our kitchen/living room window.  It was huge!!  I could just catch a glimpse of the sea behind it.
The view of the pool from the terrace.  That's my little family you see playing at the pool.  Not a shabby view, is it?
They love to dog pile daddy at the end of the day!
 I introduced Karis to Instagr.am.  It's a fun little app you can add to your ITouch/Phone (which I've used on all of the photos you see here).  It has many different filters you can apply to photos.  It's a lot of fun!
Karis wanted to take a bunch of pictures!

Silly girl!  But I love the last one!  So cute!

I'll be back to share more about the beach next time!

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  1. Tina... thos epictures are so sweet, glad you had a great time... and enjoyed birthdays etc... hope you're all well x


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