Spiderman, Spiderman, Does Whatever a Spider Can...

After our snack of Churros, Chocolate and Coke, we headed to Plaza Mayor.  The main square of Madrid.  Our first stop?  To visit El Spiderman Gordo de Plaza Mayor (The Fat Spiderman of Plaza Mayor.  Ha!).  Madrid's own Spiderman!  I mentioned the street performers in Madrid awhile back and how Spiderman was one of my favs!  He STILL is!
Our friend Taryn gave us the idea of Brennan wearing his Spiderman suit to visit El Spiderman Gordo.  He is a great, personable guy and speaks English well!  We got some great pictures!  Take a look at these!!

 Getting the girls in on the action!

 Bye Spiderman!  We had SO much fun!

 The girls could not be left out.  They had to visit Minnie.

 She wasn't quite as entertaining, but oh well.

It was a great final visit to the city center! We'll miss you, Madrid!


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