24 December 2011

The Best Wiener Schnitzel

We had some more friends living in Spain come to visit recently.  Zac, Leah & little Owen, who slept almost the entire time I was with them.  Ha!
I have to backtrack a little and tell you how we met.  We were in Carrfour (something a kin to Target) browsing the bedding department in Madrid.  They heard me speak English to the kids and we began talking.  You don't hear English much in Madrid, so when you do, it can be a nice thing to hear!  Plus, we had moved to Madrid within weeks of each other.

Anyway, we decided to meet for lunch, so I had to find the best Austrian food downtown.  My go to girl (Kristi) sent us to Figlmüller, which originally opened as a Wine Tavern and their own defined schnitzel.  Traditionally, schnitzel is pork pounded out thin, breaded and fried.  It's good!  I decided to get the chicken schnitzel, Zac got the pork schnitzel and Leah got the pork roast.  It was definitely the best schnitzel I've had in Vienna and Leah's roast was really good too!
 This place had so much character.  I loved it!

Leah & I with Figlmüller behind us.
If you find yourself in Vienna, give it a try!  I don't think it will disappoint!!

And it's always nice to spend time with friends!!

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  1. Vienna seems like a most lovely place to spend Christmas with friends and family.


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