Big Day on Christmas

Our kids have been asking for bikes since we moved to Spain last year.  Because we had an idea (by Christmas time last year) that we might be moving again, we decided to wait to purchase bikes.
So, this Christmas it was time they had their own bikes.

Austrians are serious about their bikes, which means they can be costly!  We decided to head to Hungary to a store we knew from living in Spain.

Our hour and a half drive to Gyor, Hungary proved to be fruitful!  We found bikes for the kids in the price range we were shooting for.

I was so excited to see their little faces on Christmas morn!  But we knew we couldn't just wheel the bikes into the house or they might wake up in the night and discover their gifts.

We thought through how we could make a little puzzle/scavenger hunt for them to find their gift.

We first let them open their gifts under the tree.  They saw they got bike helmets, but they still weren't sure if they were getting bikes.
Next we got down their stockings.  It was then that they found a little note saying to look under their pillow.  They went racing to see what they could find.

Under their pillows was another note with one word.

It was fun watching them try to figure it out. 

 They have one red chair in their room and the other is in the hobby room in the yard, but they didn't remember that.  So we talked them through it, giving them some ideas and hints as they thought about it.

Once they figured it out, they went running.  It was so fun and they were so excited!!

The rest of the day was a somewhat relaxing day.  Bike riding included!  Kristi & Eli joined us for the evening.

I also did some cleaning and preparing, because the next day, the 26th we headed to London for 4 days!!  More about that in the posts to come!


  1. SO AWESOME!!! Love the idea of the scavenger hunt to find them!!!


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