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I left quite a downer of a blog post hanging on there all week.  Sorry about that!
In my defense I had one sick Karis-girl on my hands this week.  We had our first big sickness of 2012!

Have I mentioned that we've been a part of a new International Church start?  We've been meeting with about 9-10 other families at Jeremy & Kristi's home while we look for a location to rent and expand.

This past Sunday we tried out a new facility and I think Karis picked up the nasty tummy bug there.  Her and 2 other kids from our group woke up during the night throwing up.  I stayed with Karis on the couch all night and Monday she had a fever.  I ended up keeping her home for 3 days.  She was better by Tuesday, but it left her with no desire to eat.  I kept her home Wednesday, to get some more food in her and build her strength up.  She's good now.  Her tummy shrunk so she's not eating quite as much.  I'm sure my little eating machine will be back to her normal eating self soon.
Now it's Saturday and Reegan has fallen with it.  Here's hoping and praying Brennan doesn't get it!!

Back to my downer post, I'm good.  Don't we all have those days from time to time?

Sometimes I question if I should share such personal details, but ya know, maybe it will help someone else.  I still think of a dear, now retired couple I knew in Russia.  They lived overseas for 30 years.  She was the sweetest thing and loved on the nationals, but she hated Russia.  I always admired her for her honesty and great attitude, peppered with wit and humor about life in Russia.

Our being in Vienna is not about me, visa issues, culture or anything but knowing that we're in the will of God.  Did He promise us good times all the time?  No.  He did promise to love us and not forsake us.  And even when we might feel forsaken (I'm just saying that for those who might, I'm not feeling that way in Vienna) God is there.  Maybe He is trying to teach us something or wanting us to draw closer to Him.  The big question is how are we going to respond?  I hope I'll always use times like this to seek Him and grow through the circumstances!

And now let me leave you with a few of my favorite photos that Jerry took for Eli's party (Kristi's big boy that turned 3) last weekend!

 He is sweet on Karis!!  She thinks he is pretty great too!

 This next one cracks me up!!


  1. So sorry you have sick kiddos! I am just getting over a HORRIBLE round of strep throat myself...not fun!!!
    I love your outlook on Vienna! You are so right, God is there and you are there because HE CALLED and YOU ANSWERED! Did your post help someone???? YES ME ME!!! It was encouraging to know that there are others in ministry who are exactly where God has called them and yet it isn't always wonderful and the place that they love! Ha ha! I am GLAD you are open and honest...it's encouraging!!

  2. We've been sick for a while now too and it's hard. I hope the bug is short lived and life returns to normal this week!


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