London ~ Final Day

Our last full day, we headed to the Thames River.  On a previous trip we stumbled upon St Katherine's Docks and fell in love.  First we stopped at a red phone booth.  I'd seen plenty before, but I don't like looking so much like a tourist!  Ha!  Even though I am!!  What American doesn't go to London and get a classic photo in a phone booth?!
I have no idea what Karis was doing!  Probably being silly!

Want to see something funny?  I bring to you, circa, October 2000!!
 Aren't we cute?!
We've aged a bit!

Entering the docks.  The buildings and atmosphere is, well, charming!  Have I not said that before?!  Ha!

This Starbucks has a prime location, don't you think?!

 The docks have an exit to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
Gorgeous, isn't it?!
The Tower of London.  We've never been in the tower.  The tickets are a little too rich for our liking.  Maybe another time.

An ice rink was set up next to the tower.  Like every place else, it was packed!!

We had a blast in London.  I already miss it tremendously!  The people, the atmosphere, the vibe, the beauty!  Ahh London, you are missed!
I have a feeling we may return.  So I will say "See you soon!"


  1. The Tower of London was interesting. Of course, it has been a couple of decades since I went.

    I'd love to go back for a visit sometime. It looks like you had a great time!

  2. I've never been!! Looks like you had a great vacay!


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