We braved the cold with some friends this past weekend and went sledding.  Reegan lasted all of about....oh.....10 minutes!  She wasn't the only one.  This little guy was not enjoying it either.
 We took on the hill!
 I look scared!  I promise I was not.  Just having fun!
 After about said 10 minutes us moms took our kiddos to the car to warm their toes and they were done.  The other two sledded for about an hour and a half.
Going down with dad!  Look at Brennan's red cheeks!!

Our friends!

 They are pros!  Look at that form!
Our friends were kind enough to feed all of us lunch.  We didn't get a chance to take any pictures of our others friends that arrived later.  By that time I had taken the three youngest to our friend's house while the other 7 kids braved the cold weather!

It was fun, but it definitely sealed the deal that we are not a cold weather family!  We are ready for Spring!!  Ha!


  1. How fun! I am not a cold weather person either - ha! Funny you grew up in Alaska and me in Colorado and we like the warmer weather!!! Glad they enjoyed it for awhile though!

  2. Your family is so cute! You all look so happy sledding in the snow. And wow, in your header picture, you just get prettier and prettier with each picture I see!


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