Signs of Spring

I stood gazing out the window into a part of the yard I don't normally pay attention to.  Far off I could see these little pretties!
 I couldn't resist stepping out into the yard for a closer look!
 Looking around I found more flowers blooming in the yard!!
 This was a kind of bush.
 If you know what any of these are I'd be interested in knowing, although I probably won't remember.  Ha!

The nicer weather has found the kids in the yard more!  They are loving their bikes they got for Christmas.  Karis & Brennan pretty much self taught themselves to ride their bikes in the yard.  Those two are quick learners!
They've even mastered stairs!

 Crazy kids!
Reegan is a bit more cautious and still uses training wheels.  She has no desire to take them off at this point.

Last week the kids had spirit week at school.  There was a pj day, wacky tacky day, twin day, cartoon character & book character.
We made good use of our dress up clothes this week!

Iron Man & a dalmatian puppy for cartoon character day!
For book character day Karis dressed as Herminia in Harry Potter, Reegan was Angelina Ballerina & can ya guess who Brennan was dressed as?!  Ha!
Reegan placed 2nd for her costume in her class.

We've sure had our share of sickness again this year.  I had 2 stay home today with fevers and cough.  I'm hoping this warmer weather will take these germs away!!

Have a good week!!


  1. I think the 2nd to the last yellow flower is a winter jasmine. I have some and I googled it and it looks the same as your photos. I love the white flowers - are they fragrant? If so, they might be a jasmine also. Love that you got some flower surprises today!!

  2. Yay Spring! I love how everything is new and RE-newed during this season. The kids look great in their costumes! :)


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