27 April 2012

Spy Girl Party

Back in January I made the kids pick their birthday party theme for their April & June birthdays.  Why so early?

Jerry was headed to the US and to get any kind of themed party stuff we had to decide early so he could pick it up while in the States.  I ordered all their plates, table covers, goodie bag items and tissue paper.

Karis had recently seen the Spy Kids movies and Spy Next Door and decided she wanted a Spy Girl Party.  Because she was turning 7, I also incorporated the 007 theme.  Oh yeah!  I knew this was going to be fun!

I scoured all kinds of blogs, online stores, cake ideas, party favors and decoration ideas.  We came up with one fun party!!

It is so hard to limit how many kids can come, so we narrowed it down to mostly kids her age from her class and from church.  We had over 20 kids!!

I had been seeing all kinds of banners and printables on Pinterest.  I learned that my friend, Kristi, had made the cupcake toppers, subway art and food labels for her son, Eli's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party in January.  She inspired me and I made all the decor myself.

This will be picture heavy, but worth it!!

I started out with a secret mission invite message to our agents.  They had to decode a secret password to enter the party.  Making the decoder was really simple.  I had character fonts, so I made the decoder chart myself.

Food table

We had detective dogs, secret agent salsa, covert op cupcakes and forensic fruit.

I found small plastic shot glasses and filled them with salsa.  No double dipping in my salsa!

I found a really fun drink called Magic Potion.

It's koolaid made into ice cubes with lime soda poured over it.  It gives it a fruity flavor and changes colors.  It was a big hit with the kids!  They kept coming back for more and more!!

I ordered this fun "Spy Girl" iron on for the birthday girl!
She's already gotten a hole in it and a rhinestone has come off.  Mental note, don't buy iron on rhinestones for an active 7 year old and remind her not to play outside in a brand new shirt!!

I made tissue paper poms, a spy girl banner a "top secret, spy central" banner and found foot print, fingerprint, question mark and even bullet hole graphics to pin up all over.

I made these cute dynamite table decorations out of paint brush roles, crepe paper and the wick is leather string.  So easy!

The kids picked agent names from a list.  Brennan was "Rocky."

We had a laser game set up.  The kids had to make it through without touching the lasers.

I saved up toilet paper rolls to make binoculars.

Cute little man!!

Time for cupcakes!!
I normally pour my time into making a cake, but I told Karis we were just doing cupcakes this year.

These weren't candles for blowing out, but they sure put on a show!
photo by Kristi

Kristi caught this awesome photo too!

I love this picture of her laughing!

All the kids were enthralled by this fun shaped present.

Kristi & Eli got Karis a pogo stick/ball (the fun shaped present above).  Kristi had to give it a whirl!

Mollie couldn't let Kristi have all the fun!  Ha!
photo by Kristi

Our last activity was a scripture scavenger hunt that I found from Titus 2 Homemaker.  It was different scriptures that gives you the location of the next clue. It was fun!!  Here the kids are getting their first clue.

They found their goodie bags decorated with a mustache, tie and inside were magnifying glasses, sunglasses and a few treats!

Reegan, aka Butterfly, has a question!

 I look like I'm poking myself.  Ha!  
Like my red fingers?  All that magic potion making!

Group photo!!  Love this shot!!
How do you get a good group shot of this many kids?  Give them 'staches and shades!!

The adults couldn't let the kids have all the fun!!

Mustached Couple!

I was exhausted!!  But we had oh, so, much fun!!
A party to remember, for sure!

26 April 2012

Mother Goose Performance

Karis was involved in a performance at school to celebrate book month.  The skits were Mother Goose tales.  Karis was Polly in " Polly put the kettle on......Sukey take it off again."

Her music teacher asked if we had a dirndl.  I had to go look that up, I didn't know what that was and learned that is the name of the traditional Austrian dress.

We don't have one, so I asked around and one of Karis' friends had something we could use. 

 I found a cute pink apron, that is meant to accompany a dirndl, to complete the outfit.

 Karis and classmate as Polly & Sukey.

I wasn't able to attend and see my girl perform.  I was home with 2 feverish kids, so daddy went to take pictures.

The librarian did a great job with the Cat in the Hat theme!

The kids go crazy for balloons!

I can't wait to share Karis' birthday party with you!  It was so much fun!

25 April 2012

Brighton, Seaside

Did I mention that we love the beach?!  Why yes, we do!!
The temps were in the 60s, but it didn't stop our guys from dipping their toes in the water!!
They could spend hours playing in the sand!
Our friends, Chad & Karis came down our first day in Brighton to spend the day with us.
We had a great time with them!
Our Brighton Babies!
Ice Cream at Scoop & Crumb
Having an intense conversation.
Brighton Pier

Karis was fearful walking on these board slats, but she made it down the pier and back.
I was proud of her.

The Brighton Pier is like walking into a carnival!  There are all kinds of food, games & rides.

View from the pier.

Back to the water they go!

fish stand
I love this photo & filter even though Brennan is a bit blurred.
Lunch at an American 50s restaurant.
Ahhhh, the red, white & blue

A few more sites around Brighton....

And lastly, our cottage.

The kids thought the mail slot was the coolest thing!
And our trip was complete with a snack stop at Krispie Kreme!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of Brighton!
I think we'll be going back here, for sure!


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