31 May 2012

Wildpark Ernstbrunn

Spring has been birthday season among our friends.

We celebrated another double birthday party for some brother's this week at Wildpark Ernstbrunn.  It was more like a petting/feeding zoo.

Ernstbrunn is located 45 minutes north of Vienna.  We had a beautiful drive through the rolling countryside! 

Sweet sisters!!  Such a good picture of my girls!

Deer, wolves, pigs, even some mountain goats and bulls!

I've decided that American wolves (top right corner, below) are much prettier animals than European wolves (bottom left corner).

Karis was cracking me up trying to get up the nerve to feed this bull from her hand.
It's not that she was scared, it was that she did not like the idea of it slobbering all over her hand.
She went for it anyway!  And sure enough, that thing left a big ole handfull of slobber and dirt!  Ha!
Loved the birdhouses!

Lots of places for the kids to play and run around.

They were in kid paradise!  Unfortunately, the stinging nettle struck almost all the kids.  It is a plant common in Austria.  The plant has tiny little hairs that sting when brushed against the skin.  There were fields of them!

You know you have a good friend when she's willing to administer ointment to your child!  Thanks Kristi!

Time for eats!!

Kristi and I didn't wear appropriate foot attire.  I had no idea this place was hilly and so big.  At least I was in good sandal wearing company!!

After we ate it seemed that the party was starting to fall apart.  It's a bit humorous when I think back on it. Reegan got into some nettle and was unconsolable.  She doesn't have a high threshold for pain!  Thunderclouds started rolling in sending a brother and sister into a panic, poor things!!  It was a good time to make a quick dash to the car.  Luckily I had packed our rain jackets.  We didn't quite make it to the car before it started raining, but we were covered!

Raindrops on the way home.

It was a lot of fun, despite the ending!  We had a great time celebrating with our friends!!

30 May 2012

Cutest Proposal Ever!

I am a sucker for crazy, cute things like creative proposals!

This one is at the top of my list as the best proposal ever!!

This is only days old and went viral fast! Maybe you've seen it. If not, enjoy!

So cute!!

29 May 2012

One More Trip to the Zoo and Weekend Fleamarketing

Karis' first grade class earned a trip to the zoo and the primary (kindergarden) class got to tag along.  I hadn't been able to help with a class trip this year, so off I went with the 2 classes.

Since we'd recently been to the zoo I didn't take many pictures this time.  We had enough parents that I only had to watch after my own kiddos and got to spent time with our friends.

 Reegan and her good friend from class.

I call this the seal walk. You can walk on the glass as the seals swim by underneath.  So fun!


Oh how they love to be silly!

As soon as we got back from the zoo, we loaded up tables to sell some of our things for our upcoming move.  It doesn't matter how many times we've moved, we always seem to acquire more junk!  Mollie and I were table buddies!

Friday after school went off so well!!  We sold a good bit.  Unfortunately, Saturday was a flop.  But we did get to eat some good, homemade Filipino BBQ, noodles and eggrolls!  Yum!

Some of our friends were selling this Tonka truck for next to nothing.  It was in such good shape that I couldn't pass it up!  I had to get it for Brennan!!  And Daniel enjoyed Brennan pushing him around!

The toys we didn't sell, we were able to donate to the highschool for their trip to Romania.
I'm happy with what we sold!  It was an exhausting 2 days, but we managed some fun out of it!

28 May 2012

A New Adventure



Using words like "twitten," for a walking lane "rhodies," for rhododendrons, and "sunnies" for sunglasses.  

The English Channel


Pubs &Taverns filled with Fish & Chips

Just some of the few things we've enjoyed and look forward to experiencing again in our next adventure of living overseas.

England, here we come!!  We so look forward to exploring more of you!!

February 2013!!

And we plan to stay awhile!!

Fun Photos

Dandelions! So fun! 

Before I started my day I spent a moment soaking in the great outdoors from the hammock.
Please excuse the unpainted toenails.  That has since been remedied!

I found a four leaf clover!  My kids were so jealous!

We have the most incredible roses in our yard right now.  This dragonfly thought so too!

I love this photo of my girls reading a book, soaking up the sun!

We met some friends at a local cafe.  If you find yourself near the United Nations building, check out Campus Suites!

I love their beach-themed bathroom too!!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

22 May 2012

Washed by the Water

What a joy it is to see your child come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

Karis made the decision to follow Jesus a couple of months ago at an after school Bible time led by some long time missionaries in this part of the world.  They part-time teach at our school and attend the church start, Crossway, that we've been a part of. We thought Karis was close to making a decision when she did just that!

I was so happy to learn that our church was going to hold a baptism once the weather warmed.

You know it's Europe when the couple just over from your baptism site are topless!  Ha!
We even had a swimmer pop up in our little cove while we were singing!  Ha!

There were 5 people to be baptized.

We did a little singing first.

Asking those important questions!

So awesome to have daddy baptize his girl!

I chuckled at this photo!  I told her she looks like a little chipmunk!  She laughed and said "It was FREEZING!"  Ha!!

Our daughter and sister in Christ!

Afterward we headed to our pastor's home for a cookout!

One of the men in our church spoke some words about baptism.  He had a dirty shirt on, replacing it with a white shirt and said some other really cool stuff.  I thought it was a great visual for the kids.....and for me too!

And like any good church function, we had some good eats!!

We rounded it off by heading back to the water hole/baptistry for a short swim with a couple other families.  Karis earlier said it was freezing and then wanted to go back for more!! Ha!

What a special, wonderful, memory making day!!

21 May 2012

Tiergarten Schönbrunn - World's Oldest Zoo

The Vienna Zoo, was part of the imperial summer residence of Schönbrunn Palace! The palace being one of my favorite places in Vienna!  The zoo was originally founded as an imperial menagerie in 1752. 
The zoo is usually one of those first spots we hit when we move to a new place. For some reason, that was not the case in Vienna. We seem to have done everything completely different or backwards since we moved here.

We were excited when our friends invited us to their birthday party at the zoo.  I thought Mollie was a brave soul for hosting this many kids in an open place like the zoo!  Twenty three of them (one is missing from the picture in case you count) and 7 adults!

The obligatory group pic

You know the saying "it's a bit like herding cats..."  Definitely so with this many kids!  They did really well staying together, I must say!  I was still stressed out of my mind that someone would wander away.

The elephant house

On the elephant

We stopped here to have some cupcakes and open some presents!

Opening presents 2

My sweet kiddos!

Reegan, Brennan and Karis

A few of the animals


Isn't this cheetah gorgeous?! 


I LOVE this photo my hubby took!!

Up close and personal

Isn't that an awesome shot?!

Precious girls holding hands.

Karis and her friend, so sweet!

I could not resist taking a picture of the Bum Bum ice cream!  Ha!!

It was such a fun day! 

You may be seeing more about the zoo very soon.  We have a class trip there this week!!  Two trips in one month!


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