Easter Markets

If you ever find yourself in Austria around Easter, make sure you find the Easter markets!  Well worth the visit!

Painted eggs in all colors!

Lots of pretty things!

My friend, Kristi got us girls together for our last Austrian Easter Market visit.  All of us will be moving away this summer and we're trying to get lots of things in before we all move.

We took a little lunch break at Vapinos!  Yum!  Spaghetti bolognese, please!

Entrance to the second market!  So pretty!

This was my favorite vendor!

Can you believe, I didn't buy a painted egg?  I'm so afraid of them breaking in the move, so I bought some of these signs, below.

I bought one for Jerry and one for me!  Very Austrian graphics and print.  I love them!

Lots of goodies sold at the Easter markets too!  Chocolate dipped fruit!

You can always find brezels (that's not a misspell, that's the word in German) of many flavors.

And I was so excited to find this little treat that I know from Prague, a trdelnik!  A sweet bread, wrapped around a metal rolling pin and cooked over an open fire.  Then, it's dipped in cinnamon & sugar or almonds.  Yum!

Fun day with good friends!!


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