04 August 2012

The Boxes Are Gone

Our things are all packed and loaded in the truck.  It will make it's way to a storage facility in England and wait for our arrival in February.

Reegan begged to help me mop!

We sure enjoyed our little Vienna house.  Part of what made it interesting was it's quirkiness.

This was the loft that was our master bedroom.

I loved this space, although it was an oven up there on hot days!

On the left side of the picture you can see a little wall that juts out, that is a very small bathroom, with no door and a shower stall!!

I don't think I ever showed pictures of this room finished.  Probably because it really never was.  I had great ideas for a white, country cottage bedroom.

It was a bit funny to find dates all around the house, mostly in the yard.  But I remember seeing this date on the beam for the first time after we moved in and I thought it was so cool!!  If these walls could talk.  I'm sure it's seen some history!


Dates around the yard!!



It's been a good little house and we are so glad to know that some friends are moving in next week!!  I hope they enjoy it as much as we did!

03 August 2012

Life Lately, In Photos

It's been a whirlwind few weeks with all our travels and getting ready for our departure in between the travels.

I love these photos I captured of the kiddos at these local hammocks just down the street from our house.

Last week we were in Greece for a company meeting of colleagues across Europe.  There were nearly 1200 people in attendance!!  The kids were able to participate in VBS and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and renewal!

Vienna got a new airport!!  My kids were especially excited about this interactive wall.  You can see their pixelated images as they punch and hit the objects as they go by.

All the kids from ages 5 and up did a little performance for everyone.  Brennan and his group playing some bells.

Reegan waving big for the camera!

Karis giving a little smile!  The girls did a song with sign language.

While at the meetings we have doctors who volunteer their time to come and take care of us!!  They are also equipped to do our physicals that are required by our company any time we go to the US and then return overseas. It saves us so much time to get it all done in this setting.  We still have a few things to finish up once we get to the US, but no running around to several different doctors to have all this done!  They also bring all kinds of medicines.  It's especially helpful to those who do not have good health care in their area of Europe  They are such a blessing to us!!

Dr. Dunbar has been serving us in this way for several years!!  It's always nice to see his face each meeting!!

Back in Vienna, we got to hang out with Kristi, Jeremy & Eli one last time before we part ways.  Sniff, sniff!!  I'm going to miss my buddy!

My guys are going to miss their buddy, Eli!

We dog sat for some friends after we returned from Greece.

Reegan especially loved having Peanut around!

Reegan & I playing around at one of my favorite home stores while we wait for the rest of the family.

We say goodbye to our houseguest, Peanut.

Next up, the movers come!


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