29 November 2012

Family & Friends of Alaska

November 29, 2012 3
It was so great to see so many familiar sites, but it's been just as much of a treat to see so many familiar faces and introduce them to my kids!

Our friend, Sylvia hosted an open house for my parents to see old friends.  

We also met up with some long time friends, the Wahl family.  Heidi was gracious enough to have us to her home.  Her mom, Ingrid was our GA leader many years ago and even broke out in the Girls in Action song.  So funny!!

Ingrid has been a long time prayer warrior for us.  Always so dedicated to send us notes and prayer!  It was so great to see them!

 Our kiddos became fast friends!!

We also met up with Steve & Patty.  Steve was at our house so much when I was growing up he was like another brother.

We spoke at Scott & Trish's church where he has been the pastor for a few years now.  We knew these 2 when they met and started dating while I was in highschool.  They did lots of chaperoning our youth group, so we took every opportunity to raze these 2 while they were dating and falling in love!

Carolyn meeting my kiddos.  Such a sweet lady and always has a smile on her face!

And then there is family! My cousin, Brian and his wife Yvonne.  We haven't seen each other since there daughter was a year old.

And look at her now!!  In her 20s and about to graduate college!!  My girls fell in love with Miranda!

We had SUCH a great time with them!  So much so I wish we lived closer.  We had such a great time together!

Being silly!

On our last full day we ran into Paula and Mrs. Collier.  They had come to the open house and it was so fun to run into them again and chat a bit longer.

This is one of the sweetest pictures that I will treasure forever!

This one too!


A little blurry, but Karis was anxious to take photos and I still like it anyway!

And although not a long time friend, we left behind a new friend, Fergus.  He greeted us every day a Sylvia's house.  What a sweet dog!!

We saw so many more and I wish I'd taken a ton more photos, but I was too busy chatting to always think of getting a picture.

I will treasure the time we spent with all these long time friends!

27 November 2012

Going North of Anchorage

November 27, 2012 1
I've been a slacker at blogging lately.  Being in the USofA has kept me busy!

I need to finish up my Alaska posts, so here goes!

In the 60s my parents decided to try their hand at homesteading.  My parents moved back to Anchorage before I was born, so I always knew the homestead as my grandparents home.  I have fond memories of tromping through the woods and picking strawberries from the big strawberry patch on the property.

My parents owned the property until the late 80s.

While homesteading, my parents were asked to consider starting a mission church in the area and Montana Creek Baptist Church was born.  It was a mission church for a long time and was supported by our home church in Anchorage, Grandview Baptist.  While I was growing up we would drive up on Sunday afternoons to have a service in the evening.  At the time it was only heated by a wood burning stove.  It was might chilly in there until the stove got good and hot!

Family & Friends Alaska 9

After walking around the church we stopped at another nearby church where my grandparents are buried.

Family & Friends Alaska 10

Family & Friends Alaska 11

We also stopped by my old highschool (which was a jr/sr high and is now just the junior high),

our house on Big Lake (the back of it anyway),

and a stop at the creek that runs out of the lake to see the salmon.  I'm so glad we got to see some reds!

We also saw the Little Susitna River,

Hatcher's Pass, from a distance.  It use to be an old mining town.

 Saw the palace of all beaver dams!  Ha!

And headed home in hopes of seeing a moose!

I've still got so much more to share of Alaska!

I'll be back soon with more!

12 November 2012

Yesterland Farm's Pumpkin Patch

November 12, 2012 2

I wanted to take a break from my Alaska posts and get our pumpkin patch trip on here.
We met Nana in Canton, TX to go to Yesterland Farms.  They have a nice set up, but it really disappoints me how these pumpkin patches charge you to get into the farm and then charge you for over half of the rides and attractions.  Just not cool in my book!

However, the kids had fun even though they felt a little too big for some of the activities and rides.

We watched a pig race, walked through a petting zoo area and watched this calf chomp on the arm of our kids.

These water pumps were fun.  You put a rubby ducky on the shoot and pump the water to make it go down into a little pool.

I love this photo of Reegan!

The farm had this neat set up to launch a pumpkin into a pond.  The kids loved it!


The kids got to pick one "ride" they wanted to pay for.  Brennan and Karis chose rock climbing.

Reegan chose the roller coaster.  You'll notice a little girl wedged between us.  She was riding alone and wanted to ride with us.

I can't believe how big these 3 are getting.

This was by far the best corn maze I've ever been in!

Waiting at the finish line for the others.  That face just cracks me up!

A pumpkin patch visit isn't complete without Kettle Korn!

Hopefully they got their fill.  Who knows when we'll see a pumpkin patch again!


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