30 May 2013

Lambing Season

During our Easter break (boy, am I behind!) and in between feeling poorly we made a trip to the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre.  As we were paying, the attendant told us that one of the sheep was lambing at that very moment.  We entered the area where they had the large pens and saw the sweet little lamb that had just been born.
We learned that the reason for keeping the sheep in these enclosures instead of the pastures is to keep them safe from foxes.  Once they've aged a bit, then they go to the pasture.  
 They loved feeding the sheep.  

So many different colors and variations of sheep.  This particular farm has over 50 different breeds.
We went with our friend Julie who took many of these pictures.
Julie started calling Reegan "The Sheep Whisperer!"  Ha!  Even if she didn't have food, the sheep were always drawn to her.  She was so in her element!  I could see this girl working with animals in some way!
This may be a bit graphic, so be forewarned and skip if you get squeamish easily!!! 

We thought it was really neat to be able to watch the birth of this little lamb!  I thought the kids might be a bit grossed out, but they handled it really well and were quite interested!  Surprisingly, it didn't spark too many questions.  Ha!
My guys were having a blast the entire time, but I think a highlight was being able to bottle feed a lamb.  These lambs were either orphaned or were a second or third born to one ewe and there was not enough milk.
Come for a visit in Spring and we'll take you to enjoy lambing season!!
I'll leave you with a few more photos!!

15 May 2013

Settling In

Hello Friends!  The poor blog has been a bit neglected as of late.
I've been using the time to settle in and set up house.  Oh and stick a month of being sick in there. Wait, make that poorly as the English say!   Sick has a whole other meaning.

Our entire household took a turn with a cold/cough and I had it for an entire month!!  Ugh!

Brennan and I at the walk-in clinic.  Somehow we are smiling.  Ha!

We've done a few fun things around the area over the past few weeks, so hopefully you'll stick with me and be back to read more soon!!  Here is a little glimpse for ya.

Bed shopping.

 Getting to know our town of Horsham.

A trip to a farm during lambing season.

A morning out with friends for some shopping and tea!

A day at a West Sussex antique fair. 

Working on projects at home to get organized and make curtains.

Organizing with cereal boxes and other various food boxes.  More to come soon!

Kitchen curtains out of coffee sacks!

Horse riding!!

I'll be back with more soon, I promise!


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