22 June 2013

No Sew Coffee Sack Curtains

A seamstress I am not!  

The scene of the Duck Dynasty girls in the beginning of this clip, I can relate!!  If I only had sewing skills like Si!  Ah ha ha ha ha!  He is definitely a Jack of all trades.  Cracks me up!

I've had a coffee theme in my kitchen for quite some time now.  Until now I haven't really needed curtains for my kitchen.

I scoured google and pinterest for ideas and could not find anything!  After looking at several burlap and coffee sack projects, I came up with this!!

I needed 2 full length curtains to cover the french doors that lead out to our garden.  I made some basic measurements to figure out how many sacks I would need.  I hit the internet again and found some decently priced coffee sacks to buy online and purchased 8.  I only needed 3 per curtain, totaling 6, but I know me!!!  I figured having a couple extras would be beneficial in case I messed up!

I knew these were genuine coffee sacks when raw beans were stuck in the corners and spilling all over!

I started by trimming off all the edges.  I kept them, since they are nicely stitched, figuring I could use them as tie backs or for some other project.  On all but one of the sacks, there were only 3 seams, so it made it easy to have one big panel, making up a third of each curtain.

I wanted there to be a nice flow where the sacks would be pieced together (Glued, not sewed in this case.  Remember, I'm no seamstress!).  That's when I came across a burlap table runner with fringe.  I decided it would add a nice detail at the seams.

I pulled out around 2 inches of horizontal threads and then tied about 6 vertical threads together into a knot.  This took a long time.  I usually worked on it while I was in the car waiting to pick up my kids from school.  Note, when pulling threads out, it makes a mess!!!

I then found a large space to piece them together.  Some furniture moving was necessary in my case with my small English rooms!

I'm already loving how it looks!!  You can see the one in the middle is the one that had seams on all 4 sides.  I cut 3 and left the 4th intact. 

To help keep the seams to lay over before gluing, I ran over them with my straightening iron.  I could have used my iron, I honestly don't know why I didn't.  Ha!

I put a garbage sack down under the seam and got to gluing.

I am so pleased with how they turned out!!

Now, I'm going to be real here.

See my mistake?

The seams do not match up.  Oh, the joys of working with pieces that are different lengths and widths.  I really did just eyeball it and hoped for the best. It is fixable and when I'm done with the many other projects that are awaiting me, I might just fix it.  However, I never pull them together.  It's just for added texture to the room and because this is a project where I am not a perfectionist I might just leave it that way.  We'll see!!

But hey, I didn't need those other 2 coffee sacks after all!!  I'll save them for another project!


  1. They really are cute...mistake included. Such a great idea!

  2. Just found out about your blog. Have a lovely Sunday.


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