18 February 2014

Travel Tuesday: Day Trip, South East England

With the kids away on a midweek school trip to London, getting back late, we took advantage of the opportunity to explore.
Leeds Castle. We only stopped to catch a glimpse of the grounds and castle at a distance.
Leeds, castle, travel

I look forward to going back and exploring more.  Tickets are £21.  That gives access to the grounds for an entire year.  Not too bad if you can visit more than once.

Leeds, castle, travel
Canterbury, England
Such a picturesque town!
Canterbury, England
The crooked house is one of the most photographed building in Canterbury, second to the cathedral.
crooked house, Canterbury, travel, England
Above the door,
"...a very old house bulging out over the road...leaning forward, trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below..." Charles Dickens, 1849

Canterbury Cathedral, the first Church of England.

Canterbury, Cathedral, England, travel
In April, the price for entrance will go up to £10.50.  I've heard and read in various places that between 4-5 pm it's possible to enter for free.  I'm sure what you can see is limited though.
It was raining cats and dogs!  We were drenched and decided to cut our time in Canterbury short.   We will definitely return to explore further. 
Dover's White Cliffs
Dover Castle
The Dover Harbor.  Ferries taking cars and trucks on to mainland Europe.
A great day!  Just wish the weather had been better!
Have you visited any of these sights?

The last Tuesday of the month we have a Travel Tuesday theme.  Next week the theme is travel tips.  Be creative, define that any way you like.  It may be a general travel tip or tips to a specific place.
For my Travel Tuesday feature, I chose Sammy's post on Hervey Bay and getting mugged by whales.
I even admitted that I'm one of those sappy people that gets teary over the gentle giants at Sea World.  We'd see whales on occasion in Alaska along with many types of sea life and I had one of those moments when I was the only one on our fishing boat that saw a whale breach, in the distance.  I had to convince myself I really saw it.  So magnificent! 
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Travel Tuesday


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