25 March 2014

Foods Across Europe

One of the things I love about having lived in several different countries is exposure to the local foods and learning to make it.

I've decide to feature a few foods from each place that we've lived in our expat journey.  Here goes!


vereniki, Russian, food, travel

A pasta dough stuffed with various fillings, similar to ravioli.  My favorite vereniki is stuffed with potatoes (Crazy, I know! Pasta stuffed with potatoes, but it's delicious!).  And for a sweet variety, vereniki stuffed with cherries served with a sweet sour cream sauce. Yum!

Salad Olivye (Potato Salad)
Russian, food, travel, salad,

This is my go to potato salad.  Packed full of all kinds of veggie goodness!

Russian, food, travel, borsch

Some might be turned off by the beets or the color of this soup, but let me tell you.  There are lots of other flavors going on in there.  It is delicious with that dollop of sour cream!

I've made salad olivye and borsch a few times, but I've never taken photos.  In my google search I came across Natasha's Kitchen.  I fell in love with her blog and she graciously allowed me to use her photos.  Check out some of her Russian/Ukrainian dishes as well as much more!

Czech Republic

Czcch Goulash with bread dumplings
Czech food, food, Czech Republic, travel, goulash

A bit different from the Hungarian goulash, but still so very tasty!  And a fun touch to be served from a pot like the one above.

Czech food, food, Czech Republic, travel, trdelnik

My favorite street snack!  A pastry cooked over an open flame on a round pin called a trdlo and once finished, rolled in cinnamon and sugar and sometimes almonds.

Czech food, food, Czech Republic, travel, terdelnik


You learned from last weeks post how much I love churros!  I also have to add to the list.....

Spain, Spanish food, food, paella, travel

I fell in love with paella while in Spain.  So much so I knew I needed to learn how to make it!  I blogged about it here.


Nürnberger Sausages
Nurnberger, Nurnberg, sausage, Germany, Austria

Now, before anyone tells me "wrong country" I do realize the Nürnberger is from Nürnberg, Germany.   I have never been a big sausage fan.  They've always smelled good to me, but I never found one I liked until I discovered the Nürnberger rostbratwurst.  These little gems are sold all over the place and it was while living in Austria that I fell in love with them, therefore, I am sticking them under Austria.  I am so glad there is a store close by here in England that sells these!

Good ole Austrian market fare, homemade chips and pumpkin spread.

Austria, Austrian food, chips, crisps, pumpkin, travel, food

You don't find much pumpkin that is sweetened in Austria.  It's savory in the way of spreads and soups.  And the homemade chips (or crisps) are amazing!  Fresh and crunchy!

Cream Tea (scone, clotted cream, jam & tea) and Afternoon Tea are my favorite favourite meal in England!

afternoon tea, tea, food, English food, travel,

Sandwiches, scones and dessert!  Yes, please!

What are your best or worst travel food experiences?
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