28 August 2014

A Friendly Visit

Robyn was my roommate right before I got married.  We left college at the same time, headed to the big "D," (Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex), rented an apartment together and ended up working at the same place.

Since moving to the other side of the world we've only seen each other a few times, so it was a real treat to have her stay with us for a week!

We did lots of late night chats and catching up.  We did a fair share of sightseeing too.

You can't come to this part of England and not see the white cliffs.

Seven Sisters & Beachy Head


Robyn's family have been tracing their roots and been able to link their family to an English Manor in Lancashire County called "The Holme."  Unfortunately the hall is in ruins from arson 10 years ago.  Hopefully one day it will get the love it needs and be restored.

Lancashire has some beautiful countryside!!


On our way home from Lancashire we took a detour to have dinner in Bath with a quick walk around town.


Such a beautiful place!


Robyn suffers from fibromyalgia which makes it difficult for her to do long stints of walking.  We knew we needed to be creative in a day trip to London.  We originally thought the hop on hop off buses would be a good option.  In doing some research I learned of private taxi tours that can be hired with various tour options.  She was excited about riding around London in a taxi and it turned out to be a blast!!  I'll tell you more about that in another post.


Robyn loves gardens, so we took her to our local lovely garden, Nymans.


On her last full day we headed to Stonehenge.


We just missed the grand opening of the neolithic houses.  They are so neat!  I can't wait to get back and see more!


We had such a great time with Robyn and miss her already!

I'll be back to share the full details of our London taxi tour next time.  Stay tuned!!

22 August 2014

Highlights of Summer 2014

Tap, tap!  Is this thing on?!

Hi ya!!

Did you miss me?  Did you think I wasn't coming back??  It has been awhile!!

Life has been busy.  Birthday parties,

a friend's visit,

an early anniversary trip to Portugal,


and the end of school and trying to keep 3 kids entertained through these weeks of Summer.

 In all honesty, I lost my blogging mojo there for awhile too.  In time, it always seems to return.  So, here I am!

This is just a highlight.  I'll be back soon to share more!

Have a happy weekend!


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