27 October 2014

Hello Monday, Hello Half-Term

Hello Monday is where I share what we've been doing and greet the new week with a fresh perspective. Monday is a new beginning, right?!  

Hello Fall Festival!  Hello apples on a string!

Hello Monday, Halloween, apples on a string, expat life, Fall Festival

Hello sweet kids in cute costumes.

Herobrine, Minecraft, costume, Halloween

Hello Heathrow Airport.  

Terminal 3, Heathrow, Arrivals, expat life

Thanks for bringing this guy back to us!

Terminal 3, Heathrow, expat life

Hello American goodies!  We welcome you!

Hello new phone.  We are going to be spending lots of time together!

iphone 6,

Hello half-term.  We're looking forward to lazy pj days!
Hello sun, we're so glad to see you again!

Want to join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section?


  1. I loved this layout and just the simple ways of sharing your current life.. so perfect when you don't want a huge long writing assignment but want to share... May I please borrow this idea? And I love... so much the apple's on a string and the outfits! Happy Fall y'all!

  2. Look at all of those American goodies! I bet seeing them brought a smile to your face :)

  3. You are more than welcome to borrow this idea! I did not come up with it myself, I borrowed it too!!!! ;)

  4. Candycorn!!! YUM!! And your iPhone - yay! How are you liking it? Does the bigger size feel weird? You gotta give me all the details... :)

  5. love that apple shot! have fun with your new phone (so exciting!) and half term!

  6. Oh thank you! Us Bloggers have to help each other with mojo sometimes!

  7. Aw, can I say "Hello, weekend!" "Hello, garage sale!" "Hello, fire pit and s'mores!"


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