20 October 2014

Hello Monday

I've been bouncing around with ways to share what we've been up to and I think I've settled on Hello Monday.  Lisa Leonard, has been writing beautiful Hello Monday posts for quite sometime.  I've always loved them and decided I wanted to follow suit.  Here goes!!

Hello Monday is where I share what we've been doing and greet the new week with a fresh perspective. Monday is a new beginning, right?!  Want to join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section?

Hello cows!!  Our school trip to your farm was so fun and educational.  

cows, farm, Goodwood Farm, West Sussex

Hello Conkers.  For my American friends, that's a chestnut.  Don't ya just love the word "conker?"
I think that's what we need to call it in America!

conkers, chestnuts

Hello unplanned, unorganized trip to Portsmouth.  Even though it was last minute, we still enjoyed some of what you have to offer.  We'll be back!

Spinnaker Tower
Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, West Sussex, travel

Historic Dockyard

Historic Dockyard, West Sussex, travel

Hello beautiful pumpkins.  You sure make this season orangy bright.

Pumpkins, Surrey, Farm Shop

Hello Abinger Hammer Clock.  I love coming across these unusual finds.  The man strikes the bell every hour.

Abinger Hammer Clock, Surrey, travel, England, UK

Hello sweet town of Shere.  You are lovely!  (I'll be sharing more soon, I promise)

Shere, Surrey, UK, England, travel

Hello Dabbling Duck.  You are one quaint tearoom with your cute duck serving boards!

Dabbling Duck Tearoom, afternoon tea, travel, Surrey, Shere

Hello film crew, shooting Professor Branestawm, coming out at Christmas.

Shere, Surrey, film crew, Professor Branestawm, travel

Shere, Surrey, film crew, Professor Branestawm

Hello 4 day school week.  The kids are looking forward to half-term next week.

Hello Heathrow Airport.  We'll be happy to have our family of 5 back together again.

Hello new IPhone 6.  I look forward to seeing you next week (when hubby brings you back from America).

Hello Fall Festival.  Don't you love a Fall Festival?

What are you saying Hello to this week?


  1. Ahhhh I'm so jealous!! You saw cows! They're my favorite. Well...after chickens...and dogs...and... :)

    I'm also a little jealous that you're getting the iPhone 6! I'm still using the 4S. Lexie would love it if I'd pass that down to her and get myself a new one, but I don't want to sign a 2-year contract here seeing as we've got less than 2 years left!

  2. We've had an IPhone 4 for 3 years and we can't update them anymore with the new updates. Jerry just happened to be going to the US (he is there now). What we do is buy unlocked/no contract phones in the US. They are more expensive, but give us so much freedom to travel and get a sim card whenever and wherever we travel. We find that the upfront cost is worth it in the long run.

    Our kids are getting our old ones (without the ability to use it as a phone right now, they just don't need it). They are excited! :)

  3. I'm sure they are excited! That's what I thought about doing with Lex - just giving her my old one and she can use it whenever she's near WiFi, but then I'd need to get a new one. Maybe it's worth it to do it now, though, if yours no longer can update. (Mine is only a year newer than your old one, so I suppose next year mine will get left out of the update.) Decisions, decisions. :)

  4. Oh man, I would be mesmerized by that clock with the little man and the hammer and bell, that's awesome!

  5. GREAT idea for a blog post. I might just have to 'borrow' it myself! I love posts where I can see life through someone else's eyes specifically the small things.

    Conkers. Brilliant. Sometimes the English just have better words for things. Especially their curse words!


  6. Ha! Too funny!! Do you know there is a game too? You put a conker on a string and try to hit your opponents conker. Here's a school website I found after a quick google search. http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/conkers.html I should do a blog post about it! ;)

  7. Sam taught me the game but I'd still never put two and two together. Duh! x

  8. Please do!! I think it'd be fun to start a Hello Monday link up if enough people are interested. Yes, you English do. And yet, we Americans have names like ping pong for table tennis! ;)

  9. Because of my Irish mother, I grew up calling chestnuts, conkers, and I'm embarrassed to admit, the first time a chestnut was pointed out to me as a chestnut (only a few years ago), and not a conker, I couldn't believe that I hadn't recognized it for what it was. I had no idea what a chestnut was!

  10. Hello...pumpkin pie dip...a new recipe I'm trying.

  11. Oh, so many good things going on here! Also, I had no idea what a conker was--learn a new thing every day :)


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