03 November 2014

Hello Monday, Hello November

Hello Monday is where I share what we've been doing and greet the new week with a fresh perspective. Monday is a new beginning, right?!  

Hello beautiful Fall day in London!

Hello London Underground.  It doesn't take much for my kids to enjoy a ride.

Hello Aldgate and Payleys upon Pilers.  This structure was built to mark the route from the City of London to Olympic Park and inspired by the area's famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

Hello Tower of London with your gorgeous ceramic poppies.  I believe all of London and the rest of the world is here to see you.  The crowds are thick!  But, you're worth it!

Hello again Shard (I know I posted These Shard photos already, but I can't help it.  I love them)!!

Hello Vapiano Restaurant.  We love you!

Hello Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  My kids actually do like something with pumpkin in it!

Hello country walks and time spent with friends.

Hello new term.  My kids are not ready to go back to school.  Be kind to them, please.

Hello November.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Who wouldn't love those pancakes?! They look delish! My morning breakfast of oatmeal and raisins no longer looks appealing...

    Your pictures of the Shard are beautiful, but of all the famous buildings in London, it's probably one of my least favorite. Glad you got to see the poppies while you were here! I haven't seen them since our volunteer day, but I hear the moat is completely full now!

  2. Fabulous photos, I'd also be very proud of the Shard one. You captured an excellent perspective. I didn't get to see the poppies but the photos look incredible.

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  3. Hi! new reader here, love the blog, you got a bunch of cuties there. I can't fathom riding the underground to school, it sounds pretty amazing. Were a long way from that as we live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I'm saying hello to a little rest, and hello to getting my groove back with the kids homeschool!


  4. I was at the Tower of London yesterday - crowds were out in full force!!

  5. That first photo is adorable! Looks like you had a great weekend!x

  6. Well, I do pancakes for dinner on Fridays. My morning usually consists of cereal or oatmeal too! ;)
    The Shard isn't really my favorite either. I would like to go up in it one day for the views. I much prefer the older buildings around town!!

  7. Thank you!!
    The poppies are on for another week. You should make your way over. It is quite a sight! :) XX

  8. Hi there!! Thank you so much!!
    Oh, we don't live in London. I can't imagine the underground every day with 3 kids! We had a week long break last week and were in the city for the day. We live an hour south on the train. It's not a farm but it is much more country living and I LOVE it. :) I enjoy going into the city, but I love coming home to my quiet little town!

  9. The poppies are gorgeous! And so are your kids. One of the things I really love about having my little guy is how he reminds me to enjoy the small things in life. Kids are great like that. They don't take for granted the simple things that make us smile.


  10. Can I please join your household for fall, those pancakes look amazing!

  11. Love that picture of them enjoying the metro! I think sometimes as adults we don't realize how very cool the connections between metro cars are! :)

  12. Aww, thanks! So true, even if it is riding the underground! ;)

  13. Yes!! We eat pancakes every Friday night! ;)

  14. I'm with the kids- being on the bendy Overground trains is always more fun! ;) x

  15. I kinda love this series. It's such a great way to just sort of catch a glimpse of what's going on at your house, plus I think you'll be so glad you have the weekly record as well! Sounds like you've had a lovely week! XO

  16. Thanks! I needed to do this as I do have a few family members (aka the grandparents) that want to see the kids. Gotta keep them in mind! :)

  17. I love your pillows Tina! Did you make them? Also, what a great way to bring in fall and a new week... In London! Lucky you! Your kids are getting so big!! How does that happen?? I only just saw them a few months ago! Much love to you my friend and have a great weekend! PS... Love the Hello Monday idea!
    Tammy x

  18. all of these photos are so perfectly sweet and filled with experiences. great new series ;)

  19. I want to be a kid in London! The Underground, poppies and Chaucer are the stuff of my dreams :) This post has great energy and whimsy. A fun read.

  20. Thanks Tammy! No, I bought them a few years ago from a vendor on Etsy.
    Kids do grow way too fast!! ;)

  21. Thank you!! London is a pretty magical place! :)


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