10 November 2014

Hello Monday, Hello Remembrance Day

Hello Monday is where I share what we've been doing and greet the new week with a fresh perspective. Let's make this Monday and new week a great one!!  

Hello you gorgeous ceramic poppies, Hello Tower of London.  It was a pleasure to see you again!  (more on the blog tomorrow)

Hello Fireworks/Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night.  Our venue didn't have a bonfire.  I was so disappointed!

Fireworks, bonfire night, full moon

Hello new Starbucks Chritsmas mug!!

Starbucks ,tis the season,

Hello lovely tea time! Homemade scones, homemade jam.  Such a nice time spent with the ladies in our church.

Hello t-shirt poppy.  Such a quick and easy project.  More to come soon!

poppy, t-shirt, crafting

Hello Thorpe Park amusement park.  Hello Tesco vouchers.  Without you we wouldn't have gone.  Fun day spent riding rides.  Good weather, not too many people and I found I still like rollercoasters more than I thought.

Thorpe Park, family,travel,

Hello my sweet, crazy, blurry family!  I was happy to stay dry take photos while you rode the log ride!

Hello new school week.  Hello Thanksgiving month!!  Hello turkey, dressing, green bean casserole and more.  I look forward to consuming you a few times this month!

Want to join me?  What are you saying Hello to this Monday?


  1. I saw that starbucks christmas mug the other day and think I'll get it, it's so cute!

  2. I love that picture of you guys at the theme park!!

    I hate there wasn't a bonfire at your venue! I don't understand that - I mean, the holiday is called Bonfire Night! :) This was our first year celebrating it, so I made sure to check that there would be an actual bonfire at the place we were going because if fireworks were all we were going to get, I'd have just stayed home and watched them from our window! ;)

  3. It all looks like so much fun! p.s.- I am from Alaska too. Such a small world!


  4. Did you see last years? It was black. The gold is neat, but I still like last years better! :)

  5. I know!! I was so disappointed. Our neighbors invited us and made all the arrangements and just assumed the venue would have one. Oh well! Hopefully next year!

  6. It is! I don't find many other Alaskans! :)

  7. No I didn't see that one! I rarely get them, but I love this one.


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