17 November 2014

Hello Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola

Hello Monday, Hello pumpkin granola!!  

pumpkin, granola, oats, pie spice, food, in the kitchen

This is a little different Hello Monday than the last few.  I can't say we've done much this week, other than a little Thanksgiving goodness at Jerry's office!

The excitement of the week?  Pumpkin Granola!  Really exciting, right?

Have you ever made your own granola?  I highly recommend trying it, if you haven't!  It is so much tastier than from the box and very easy.  Plus, you can play around with a base recipe and perfect it to your liking.

I wanted to use up some pumpkin I had and decided on granola.  I had no intention of changing the recipe, but I did make quite a few tweaks.  What I love about this recipe is that it not only has the pumpkin pie spice, but actual pumpkin in it!  I wanted to share, in case anyone was interested.

5 cups rolled oats
1 cup crushed pecans (or any nut you like)

1/2 cup honey (or maple syrup)

4 Tablespoons pumpkin puree

4 Tablespoons coconut oil (any oil will work)

2 Tablespoon *pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon salt

*You can easily make your own pumpkin pie spice by mixing 1 Tablespoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon ginger and 3/4 teaspoon allspice

Preheat oven to 350 (176 C).  In a large bowl mix together the oats, pecans, pumpkin pie spice and salt.  In a microwaveable bowl, melt the honey and oil and add the pumpkin.  Pour the liquid over the oat mixture.  Spread over a cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through.  If you like a crunchier granola, bake for an additional 15-20 minutes.  You can add dried fruit or chocolate chips to make your preferred granola.

pumpkin, granola, oats, pie spice, food, in the kitchen

There you have it, pumpkin pie spice granola!

Do you like making granola?  If so, what's your favorite recipe?

And what are you saying hello to this week?  Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds so good, I will have to give it a go- it would be perfect for the rushed morning and a quick snack for the littles- thanks!!


  2. Oh my word, this sounds delicious!

  3. I'm adding this to my to-do list this week!!

  4. I can almost smell this just from your description! Sounds delicious! I order granola all the time for brunch when we're out, but I've never bought it at the store or made it myself. This doesn't look as hard as I thought it would be!

  5. Between your cookies and this granola, we've got some good snacks to choose from this week! ;)

  6. Great addition to the list!! ;) Hope you are well, my friend!

  7. Not hard at all!! The hardest part is waiting patiently for it to bake! ;)

  8. I'd think it should be, "hello yummy in my tummy..."

  9. My hubby has been all about making his own granola lately. It is so much better when it is warm from the oven. Love waking up to him cooking it.

    This looks like a wonderful recipe.

    The Doctor Diva

  10. Ummm hello, DELICIOUS! This looks amaaaaaazing!!!!

  11. I don't usually like pumpkin spice stuff, but I do like granola and this looks pretty tasty :)

  12. It doesn't have an overwhelming pumpkin flavor. It is more the spices you taste. :)

  13. Well then I think I'll definitely give it a try :)


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