22 May 2015

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

While Jerry's parents were here during Christmas, we took a little road trip to see the Cotswolds.

Just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon in Shottery, Warwickshire lies the breath-taking, childhood home of Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage
Through photos I had seen of this cottage, I fell in love with this place and was determined to see it!

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust offers various ticket options to allow you to visit all or just a few of the Shakespeare's family houses and the tickets give you access for one year.  We'll definitely be going back to take advantage of that since we didn't get to see everything.

Seeing the grounds on a frosty morning added to the beauty of this place.


Thatched cottages are so appealing to me.  So quintessentially English and lovely and charming.  Anne's family cottage has been described as the most romantic in England.


The first parts of the house were build before the 15th century.

During Shakespeare's time, the house was named Newlands Farm and had more than 90 acres attached to it.

 The dining room.

Fresh bread served right by the table.

The kitchen is down the hall.

Many of the furnishings are from the family.

To keep critters and dirt from dropping on your head while you sleep, the beds have testers (canopy) over the bed.


Back then there were no ceilings.  It was open, exposing the straw.
Can you imagine insects, mouse droppings or straw falling on you in the night?!  Oh, the horror!!

This is known as Shakespeare's Courting Chair.

The grounds are just as lovely.

Next time I'll share with you some of the other homes we visited that are part of the trust.

Happy Weekend!

17 May 2015

Girl Meets Globe Loves Minted

From the first time I laid eyes on the beautiful designs on Minted I was hooked!!

Christmas cards, party decor, birth announcements, home decor, graduation cards, wall art, wedding invitations!

A marketplace of independent artists, you can find just about any type of design.  With so much to choose from, it's helpful that you can create an account and save your favorites.

With wedding season upon, take a look at these amazing Save the Date designs!

Aren't they gorgeous?!

Of course, seeing as I love to travel I was drawn to the map gifts.

My home state!

This would be such a beautiful keepsake of our time in England!

Have you checked out Minted

Tell me, what is your favorite?  Or favorites because I can't imagine you could only find just one!

*I received a Minted credit in exchange for my review of their site and products.  Opinions are completely my very own!

15 May 2015

Hello Friday, Hello Long Time No See

This is usually a Hello Monday post, but we're going to make it Hello Friday this time.

Hello Friday, hello friends and blog readers.

It's been awhile, I know.

Hello new discoveries, new directions and contemplating the future all keeping me from this corner of the internet and wrapped up in other endeavors.

Hello last term of the school year and the end of the English school system for us.  One of the things keeping me away from this spot.  We are moving to homeschooling.  Big changes ahead for us!

Hello beautiful English Spring.  God's creation has been in bright bloom and I just love it!!

Hello Cassandra's Cup.  You are quaint and so sweet with your ceiling dotted with beautiful tea cups and the most amazing scones I've had to date!!  You're a little too far away to go too often (which is probably a good thing), but I WILL be back!

Hello my now 10 year old!  Where has the time gone?!  You are full of life and beautiful!

Hello new friendships!  These 2 melt my heart!!  LOVE!!  What makes it even more special is that us mamas have become close too!

Hello English coast.  We'll be seeing more of you now that it's warming up!

Hello upcoming travels.  We are headed on a road trip soon to Cornwall.  Can't wait!

What are saying "hello" to?  Hopefully you'll say "hello" to me since I haven't been around in awhile!!

Hello lovely friends.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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