15 May 2015

Hello Friday, Hello Long Time No See

This is usually a Hello Monday post, but we're going to make it Hello Friday this time.

Hello Friday, hello friends and blog readers.

It's been awhile, I know.

Hello new discoveries, new directions and contemplating the future all keeping me from this corner of the internet and wrapped up in other endeavors.

Hello last term of the school year and the end of the English school system for us.  One of the things keeping me away from this spot.  We are moving to homeschooling.  Big changes ahead for us!

Hello beautiful English Spring.  God's creation has been in bright bloom and I just love it!!

Hello Cassandra's Cup.  You are quaint and so sweet with your ceiling dotted with beautiful tea cups and the most amazing scones I've had to date!!  You're a little too far away to go too often (which is probably a good thing), but I WILL be back!

Hello my now 10 year old!  Where has the time gone?!  You are full of life and beautiful!

Hello new friendships!  These 2 melt my heart!!  LOVE!!  What makes it even more special is that us mamas have become close too!

Hello English coast.  We'll be seeing more of you now that it's warming up!

Hello upcoming travels.  We are headed on a road trip soon to Cornwall.  Can't wait!

What are saying "hello" to?  Hopefully you'll say "hello" to me since I haven't been around in awhile!!

Hello lovely friends.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Great to see an update from you, Tina! Glad all is well. Can't believe how big your kids are now, wow!

  2. Thanks Cynthia!! I need to make the rounds and catch up on you too! Have a great weekend!

  3. I had to do a double take when I saw this pop up on my Blogger dashboard! :) So good to see something from you again! And I'm so excited to hear you're heading to Cornwall soon. We loved that area of the country so much. If you need any tips, just ask! :)

  4. Home-schooling! Wow! This is a big change! Can't wait to hear more on how that goes. Hey, I was thinking about you this morning on the way to work. I would love your iced coffee recipe. I "fail" every time I try to make it. Could you post it? Love you!

  5. I know, right?! Thanks!! We were going to do what you guys did and go in September, but we got an opportunity to do a review in Cornwall at the end of June! I need to read back through what all you did while there. I'm looking forward to it!! I'd take any tips you can think of!

  6. Yes it is!! They're doing online schooling though, so I won't actually be doing the teaching, more assisting.
    I don't really have an iced coffee recipe. Did we make it while you were here?
    Love ya, my friend!

  7. Beautiful post Tina! Hello to you too =).

  8. Hello!! Did I see somewhere you'll be back in the States soon for a bit?? Yay! We must get together!

  9. Yes, we will. I'm going for a week in July, just me, for my mom's birthday in July. But we'll be back in November for stateside. We definitely must get together!!


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