01 May 2017

Hello Monday, Hello Blog

Hello Monday.  

Hello neglected space.

Is anybody watching my little spot anymore?

It's been much too long. Two years!

 A crazy, upside down, high and low two years.

Parent's health, husband contracting a parasite, location change, kid's school changes, 

going from an expat to a repat, readjusting to being an American, grieving changes, excited about 

changes and so much in between.

I've thought about this space from time to time.  

Even more so recently.

So I thought it was time to visit.

I'm not sure how I'm going to fill this space.

Some subtle changes are coming our way soon, maybe I'll blog about those!

If' you're still hanging around here, thanks for not giving up on me and my blogging adventures!

Happy Monday!

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